Do you ever just listen?

I talk, a lot. Anyone who has ever met me will know that I talk, and not just talk but I talk a lot. There are just always word coming to me, out my mouth in my head and just words all the time. I know that a part of me talking so much is the fact that I communicate what the passed spirits say. That is my gift to tell you living people what the dead say.

BUT in saying that I talk a lot, I actually listen even more. I spend a lot of my time listening to people. I see them, hear them and get words for them. Right now I am sitting at a café while my car is getting fixed.

Next to me is a table with four ladies. They are talking about things that are hard in their lives.

One, a lady in blue striped shirt, are going through a really hard time, she feel betrayed by a another friend and her husband. It is so interesting to see the other women reply to her words.

One is listening to every word, just listening.

One is jumping in all the time and relating everything to herself, and giving advice about how she should do. That makes it hard for the first lady to tell her story about her hardship. She keeps on turning the conversation back to her.

The last one is just listening and saying compassionate words. She only talks when the first lady is done, and she only validates her feelings of betray.

The first lady in stripes almost only talk to the last one because that is where she gets validated, and feels heard. Her problem is she has not been able to break the generations of abuse from husbands that her mother, and her mother before her has brought down. It is a pattern of abuse, and thinking it would be ok, not to be treated with respect and dignity.

I would love to heal that woman, but I cannot just walk up to her and ask.

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