I often tell people to take a step back. Just back off something that seems very hard and let go.
When you take a step back, you let yourself see the situation in a non-attached way. Letting go is important if you feel like something is getting out of hand.

When we are in a situation, it is sometimes just a reflection of how we are feeling and not how it is. We are often wrapped up in our emotions, which makes us forget how things are.
One of the benefits of doing this is that you can see all the people in the situation and what they bring to the whole thing. Trusting has nothing to do with blame or guilt, just looking at it from a higher perspective.

Trust also makes us able to let go of the outcome and allow it to unfold as it should.

I know a lot of you are sitting wondering how hard letting go is going to be. I too know how hard it is to let go of the outcome and just let things play themselves out. It can be so hard you think it is impossible.

The first time or ten you want to let go but find it very hard you might feel like giving up. Letting go might seem impossible. It is not impossible; it is easier once you get the understanding and process going.

Practice on smaller situations and not the biggest one if first try. You can do it.

Sometimes letting go of the outcome and the feelings attached to it make you change how you act. Trust could be what changes everything. Other times you might see that you are just where you are supposed to be.

Let go of the outcome, and your attachment to your reality and trust will change everything.

You can do it!

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