The other day we went to a service in a church. The choir, my daughter, is a member of was visiting a church. We are not a member of the Danish churches, but she loves singing.

So that day it was a service in a tent, in the cold. We were seated by the opening in the tent.
While the choir was rehearsing, we went for a walk at the nearby cemetery. I got very sad and upset that most of the graves had low ages in them, and I could feel into the souls who had their bodies buried there. The average age was around 40, some even just toddlers.

As we sat down for service, I look over at the cemetery, and a young teenage girl was looking at me. She just stood there singing with the choir. I knew it was the 15-year-old girl who was buried right there. She looked so beautiful with a vague light around her, and just swaying back and forth.

I smiled at her, and she looked down and sang quietly.

Just waiting for them

Whenever I am in sacred places, I feel the energy, and souls connected to the place. I love churches, mosque, and sacred land. It is amazing to feel the energy. I don´t usually go to church, but this was an exception, and it turned out to be an amazing experience.

This girl was amazing because after the service I went to talk to her, and she told me she was there to listen to the songs but also because her parent had wanted to come today. “I have to wipe her tears from her cheek like I always do,” she told me.

She was waiting for them. Her love for them was so intense it was almost too much. She was still there after we left.

Tears ran down my face when we drove off because her love was so strong and beautiful. It was not sad just a very strong love so very deep.

It was not that she did not pass over; she was visiting, to comfort her mother.  

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I went to a church ground and Cemetery. This amazing girl came to visit for a very special reason