Can you measure pain?

I have this very basic belief that people know their bodies the best, so when they say it hurts somewhere in their body, then who am I to say it doesn’t?

Have you ever had someone tell you to “suck it up” when you were in pain? I think that is one of the most offensive things you can do; tell people how they feel or how they are supposed to feel.
If you work with people then you need to understand that you cannot measure pain or sense others feelings, and therefore you cannot make assumptions on how others are doing.

I have met a lot of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others who said that I was complaining too much about the pain I felt, while in fact they just didn’t know. I could easily get mad, but instead I feel sad. I feel sad because they do not meet me where I am, but judge me and have their own biased opinions.

If a scan is negative

I spoke to a friend not too long ago who told me that someone whom she had argued with said, that “you cannot be sick if it doesn’t show in a scan.” I think that is absolutely absurd. How could anyone tell someone else, someone seeking help, that they are not sick in the “right way” simply because something doesn’t show on a scan?

Some people are more sensitive than others, which means that a certain amount of paint can objectively be more or less painful to different people. If you are a highly sensitive person you everything will feel more intense to you, and no one should tell you that it’s wrong what you’re sensing. On the other hand, if you’re not highly sensitive you might be able to endure much more pain, stressful surroundings etc. but that does not mean that your perception is either more right or wrong.

What I want you to bring with you from this post is, that we are all individuals and sense and feel differently and that we mustn’t tell others feelings are wrong or how they should feel instead.

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