What if I told you that you are not a thing that can get lost? You are not lost; you are only not where you thought you would or should be.

You were put in a society that taught you not to listen to your soul, your essence. You listened to other people’s opinions on what was right or wrong for you as a human in this lifetime.
So many things shape how we are and how you see things. But you are not lost, you are on a return journey to your soul. You are on your way to elevate your soul and be all that you can be.

You might feel lost because other people tell you how to feel, act and be. You need to stand up for yourself and be all you can. That is your self-discovery. You need to return to your soul and feel the love in your heart.
You are not lost, but on a learning path that makes you stronger. You are learning for you to be all you can be. A beautiful soul you are, under all the conditions from outside yourself.
Your soul will seek love at any given time. Let love in your heart and soul, and spirit will guide you.
I know that you might struggle. It can be hard finding your path. Some people can help you. It is essential to start by identifying what kind of help you need.

Sit still with your eyes closed and listen to your soul. You might be so out of tune; it says nothing. But repeat this every day and ask for signs.
The levels of Soul life can help you understand what you need to learn in this life, and at this level.

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Are you actually lost or just on return journey.
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