Services and booking



In a session we will either sit across from each other at the same location or via skype. I have a cosy venue in Solrød, Denmark that we can use, or I can come to you. (in sealand, Denmark) In this case I will add a fee for transportation. I don’t need to see you to guide you.

I do talk to both spirits and people who have passed.

The spirits that are connected to you, will immediately show themselves to me as soon as we are in contact. You can either ask me a specific question (or several) or you can ask me to tell what spirit think you need to know. A session usually last about an hour. Make sure you have time to ‘land’ afterwards, and maybe treat yourself to a little pensive walk :-).

Printet messages/reminders

You can order the messages I channel from Spirit on beautiful postcards or posters right here. I channel the relevant words about you or maybe about someone you want to surprise or do something special for, and write them down. You can choose between many different colors and styles right here.


My mentoring processes are 100% tailored to your needs, so you will have the possibility to reach your full potential. I will follow you development through a longer period of time while sparring and counselling you. Mail me to know more here.

VIP day

A luxurious ‘you-day’ from 9-14. A couple of days in advance, I will call you to map out your needs and focus. I tailor the best possible mental-pampering day for you. I may take in other professionals if needed. After a day like this, you are very likely to feel clarified about your life in general. I use my skills to create exercises, experiences and treatments throughout the day. To have this day please maile me here


I also answer questions by e-mail. Buy them right here


This is a free service for you. Once a month Alicia will answer questions for free. It will be right here in the blog, in a chat. This chat interface will not appear until it is time for the chat. In Soulguide calendar you can see the dates here.