I offer a variety of sessions and services, and below I have explained these in more detail.
You can book sessions further down, choosing the time that best suits you.

Online questions and certain services are available in my shop.


During a session we will either sit together in a calm environment or talk, e.g. via Skype or by phone. I don’t need to be physically next to you in order to guide you.

I have a location in Køge Denmark, or I can come to your house (available in Zealand, Denmark.) It at your place an additional fee will be added for transportation.

Both spirits and passed souls will be present during your session. Who and when, depends on what your guides and passed loved ones tell me, and what you need to hear from them.

The spirits connected to you will immediately show themselves to me, as soon as you and I have started the session. You can either ask me a specific question (or several) or you can ask me to relay all that the spirits and guides believes you need to know.

A session usually last about an hour. Make sure you have time to ‘land’ afterwards, so allow for some time after the session. Maybe treat yourself with a short relaxing walk.



My mentoring processes are 100% tailored to cover your needs, so you will get the best possibilities to reach your full potential.

I will follow your development during a longer period of time while sparring and counselling with you. Write to me to know more on my contact page.


My next year

Every Year in November and December, I provide a short session where I will look into the next year for you.

You will get a list of things you need to focus on in the new year, possibliy even what to be aware of and challenges that seem to be in the horizon in the coming year.
To wakl through the different points on the list, you will also get a 15 minute session by phone or Skype.

You will be able to find it in my here when available, in November and December.



This is a free service for you. One day every month, Alicia will answer questions for free!

It will be right here on this website. Dates will be advertised in my blog and in my events calendar.



Below you can book the different services I provide, and choose the time that suits you the best.
Please remember to read my terms and conditions – These also apply to services bought using Acuity Scheduling. All times are in CET – Central European time