What kind of conversation do you choose?

What kind of conversation do you choose?

I went to a Christmas market a few weeks ago. I had a place there, where I had put my posters and postcards on display. On top I had a deck of angel cards so visitors could draw one and we could talk about it. I love talking to people, they always have so many lovely stories to tell.

One of the things I see a lot of the time, is that men tend to say “I don’t believe in that stuff” and more often than not, they refuse to participate. A few even said “that is my wife’s craziness.”

I often let go and say nothing when men have negative comments like that. They are going to talk to me when they are ready, and a lot of men are never ready.

One man did talk to me, and when I told him what I was getting, he looked at me in a way that only someone who understood could. I loved that he listened.

One man was so much fun to talk to because he was spending a lot of time trying to tell me how my line of work really is, and how none of the things I said was true. I find those people almost hilarious because they do not listen to what I say but try to come up with all kinds of “evidence” why what I say is wrong. He came up with one reason after another, and even called me a fraud.

On the other hand, he kept on saying that he believed there is more to life than what we see.

I am firm believer in the fact that I am not the one to convince people. I don’t need people to believe me. What I do need is for people to respect me, and listen to me. I am not asking for anyone to be converted, but to show basic respect the same way they want me to believe them.

Do you remember the last time someone did not respect you in a conversation? What did you do?

When I speak past souls join in

When I speak past souls join in


In another of my talks, this one about my life past and present and how it feels to be a medium.

I love telling people about my view on the universe and about the challenges I have faced in life which have all prepared me to be the person that I am today. I talked about being a child with dead people around me and about growing up feeling strange and lonely, my work now and how my life has become.

I also talked about living with knowing almost anything, explaining how it feels to be able to tell people just about anything and what is going to happen.

I talked about quantum physics and how time, linear existence, is something we have only in this world and that it does not exist in the spirit world.

I often talk about how you need to remember to be grateful and I am so grateful for everything I have and get in life. These talks I do are great because people get to ask questions and I get to tell them about my life and my work, which I love so much because I get to help people every day. I know when I wake up that I make a difference in someone’s life.

I know that it is not always easy to be grateful, but it’s important nonetheless.

During this talk I got some really good questions, like how I communicate with Spirit. I love that question because often when people have only watched TV, they think that you either have to see or hear dead people. I can see them, hear them, feel them, taste them, smell them and whatever else Spirit think is necessary to let me know what I need to know. Sometimes when they want me to know a smell that is unique or easily identifiable to someone, then I can actually smell that smell. The same is the case with taste.

Another question I got was about mental illness which I think is really important question, and something that needs to be talked about; Where to draw the line between mental illness and psychic abilities. I will be writing a post on this topic soon.