What kind of conversation do you choose?

What kind of conversation do you choose?

I went to a Christmas market a few weeks ago. I had a place there, where I had put my posters and postcards on display. On top I had a deck of angel cards so visitors could draw one and we could talk about it. I love talking to people, they always have so many lovely stories to tell.

One of the things I see a lot of the time, is that men tend to say “I don’t believe in that stuff” and more often than not, they refuse to participate. A few even said “that is my wife’s craziness.”

I often let go and say nothing when men have negative comments like that. They are going to talk to me when they are ready, and a lot of men are never ready.

One man did talk to me, and when I told him what I was getting, he looked at me in a way that only someone who understood could. I loved that he listened.

One man was so much fun to talk to because he was spending a lot of time trying to tell me how my line of work really is, and how none of the things I said was true. I find those people almost hilarious because they do not listen to what I say but try to come up with all kinds of “evidence” why what I say is wrong. He came up with one reason after another, and even called me a fraud.

On the other hand, he kept on saying that he believed there is more to life than what we see.

I am firm believer in the fact that I am not the one to convince people. I don’t need people to believe me. What I do need is for people to respect me, and listen to me. I am not asking for anyone to be converted, but to show basic respect the same way they want me to believe them.

Do you remember the last time someone did not respect you in a conversation? What did you do?

Did you learn anything this summer?

Did you learn anything this summer?


For many years my family and I attend an annual summer camp. I love these summer camps because we get to meet new people, talk to old friends and relax as a family.

I have this dear friend, she is spiritual and a really great person, with whom I usually spend a lot of time during these summer camps. But this year it was different.
She was spending some time with other people and doing things that I would usually think she wouldn’t do. Thankfully I got to talk to her a few times, and loved it. She is really good at providing perspective on things.

Every year there are some people I wished I had spent more time with, and this year she was one of them. I know that she had to learn certain things this time and some of the people she surrounded herself with were even toxic to her. It’s not that they are bad people, they just don’t see her spirituality and sensitivity. The way I saw, she needed to learn to say no to toxic things this year.

When my family and I returned from the summer camp, I talked to her again. She told me she had a good time but knew that she had been with toxic people. We talked for a long time and she knew that part of this summer camp was about learning how to see when someone or a certain situation was toxic and how she should move away from it. She learned something about herself as a person and how to take good care of herself.

I often tell people that everything is a chance to learn. If your thoughts and focus is on all the negative things, and not on the fact that you can learn something from the situation, you will end up being unhappy. So you need to recognize a learning process in everything if you want to get the most from life.
I have heard so many say that learning is so hard and a huge effort, but often it’s right there under our noses and sometimes the learning process is to take in love and focus on all the good things.

I know that a lot of people say so, but life does not have to be hard and miserable, it can be great and about happy living.

Remember there is a lesson to be learned in most situations, and that they could be both great and happy lessons.