A dead Samaritan is no Samaritan.

A dead Samaritan is no Samaritan.


I love this expression because it sums up everything. After talking to a lot of people, both as a spiritual guide but and as a human, I found that people have a hard time taking care of themselves.
It is just the same on a flight. The safety instructions always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others with theirs. Some find it almost stupid that they should save themselves before others, when in fact it is the smartest.

How are you going to help others if you have died from lack of oxygen?

Just like in every other aspect of your life, you need to help and take care of yourself before you can help others. If you do not spend time on feeling better, relaxing and being compassionate towards yourself, how are you going to help others?

How will you help others if you are sick from stress, exhaustion or even dead from not taking care of yourself? We can all neglect ourselves for a short time, but not in the long run at all.

I often say that a dead Samaritan is no Samaritan because it is true. Too many have great excuses as to why they don’t need to take care of themselves and how it just cannot be done. I can assure you it can be done, it is a matter of priorities.

It might not be 10 days of spa in a resort, but it could be small things every day. It could be 10 minutes of meditation a day or 5 minutes longer in the shower.
It could be simple things, and still taking care of you.

How are you taking care of you?

How are you making sure that you are the best you so you can help others?

What kind of conversation do you choose?

What kind of conversation do you choose?

I went to a Christmas market a few weeks ago. I had a place there, where I had put my posters and postcards on display. On top I had a deck of angel cards so visitors could draw one and we could talk about it. I love talking to people, they always have so many lovely stories to tell.

One of the things I see a lot of the time, is that men tend to say “I don’t believe in that stuff” and more often than not, they refuse to participate. A few even said “that is my wife’s craziness.”

I often let go and say nothing when men have negative comments like that. They are going to talk to me when they are ready, and a lot of men are never ready.

One man did talk to me, and when I told him what I was getting, he looked at me in a way that only someone who understood could. I loved that he listened.

One man was so much fun to talk to because he was spending a lot of time trying to tell me how my line of work really is, and how none of the things I said was true. I find those people almost hilarious because they do not listen to what I say but try to come up with all kinds of “evidence” why what I say is wrong. He came up with one reason after another, and even called me a fraud.

On the other hand, he kept on saying that he believed there is more to life than what we see.

I am firm believer in the fact that I am not the one to convince people. I don’t need people to believe me. What I do need is for people to respect me, and listen to me. I am not asking for anyone to be converted, but to show basic respect the same way they want me to believe them.

Do you remember the last time someone did not respect you in a conversation? What did you do?

Could you say no for two weeks straight?

Could you say no for two weeks straight?

A woman who was going through a really hard time in her life came to see me recently. She didn`t know if she wanted to stay in her marriage or not, what kind of job she wanted to have in the future, or even what would be available to her. She had simply been drained of her energy. Spirit was telling me simple things to say. She needs to say no. Just no.

Her tears start flowing down her cheeks, and she told me she never told anyone no, because she didn’t want the battle. She felt that every time she said no she had to defend herself and her choice. She thought that it was the easy way out to say yes. I am not one to say nothing so I told her she was wrong, and that it was in fact the hard choice to say yes.

What I was shown by Sprit was that she did in fact say yes all the time, but every time she should have said no, but didn’t, she lost a little piece of her self-respect and her soul. It might be easier to say yes when you are standing there, but in the long run you will burn out.

Have you tried to say NO for two weeks? Just say no whenever it feels like you should. Obviously you shouldn`t say no when it is something you really want or something you have to do.

She told me that “it is so much harder than I thought it would be” after three days of no–saying, that she had cried a lot and that she understood how much she had compromised herself every day.

I also gave her a task to write three things she was grateful for every day, to show her that there are in fact good things in her life and that she cannot be controlled by anger or fear when she is grateful.

After looking into how she came to where she is, we started looking at her possible future. One thing Spirit and I do really well is to make career plans with people. I get very clear pictures and new concepts shown, and that way I can help break down obstacles and help people realize what they can do and the way to do it. She has multiple careers behind her and she was looking for something that made sense. I told her how to connect her previous jobs and we developed an entire new concept, in which I’m sure she will be magical and fantastic.

She is currently three days into her “just say no” plan and I will support her and talk to her when she needs it for the next 11 days. By then we will have another session where she looks at the “two weeks of no”.
Could you say no for two weeks? Or maybe, say yes for two weeks?

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