Would you say this?

Would you say this?

I received a weird message from a friend today. I think I wanted to write about it because this is one of the big misunderstandings about my work and personality.
A friend of mine had been told by her friend that she would be in a great where she is supposed to be, once she started to have her own opinions and stopped listening to me all the time.

At first I thought she must have gotten it wrong because that is not the kind of friendship I have with her, but then I realized that she was, in fact, saying that my friend could only be ok if she did not speak to me.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I get very sad at other people’s misconceptions about my life. This was such a time.

I am not a psychic all the time. I am, in fact, also a person with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Even though some people cannot separate from their work, I am very good at it. I have had to learn how to separate when it is just me talking and when it is spirits talking.

If you call a friend would you not ask an opinion from her/him? Would you not want them to tell you what they think about the situation you tell them about? Would you not want support and love when talking to them?

Why do people think that because I am psychic I am incapable of doing this without asking spirits first? People often think that because I am a psychic medium I surely am not just a friend that cares for others. I have heard many ask me “so is it you or a spirit who says this?”. They think I cannot be a person with my own life without it being psychic all the time.

My friend is very sad and hurt by this remark, and I do understand. My thoughts are of love and care for her.

Am I sometimes psychic when I am with her, sure! When she asks, and this is not at all often, then I answer.
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How to cure certain headaches

How to cure certain headaches


Often when out with friends, I end up channeling what I get from the other world. Some of the issues I am asked a lot about are headaches and migraines.

A lot of people, too many people, have headaches and in some cases, very severe headaches. They  can be sick for several days during a month, often with migraines, and in some cases are even not able to work.

One time I was talking to some friends, one of whom told me she was very sick with migraines and had as much as four to five days a month where she was unable to get out of bed. I told her that I didn’t actually think she was sick.
I know she thought I must be crazy, but I asked her to bear with me.

Sometimes headaches are a visit, from the other world which has come to close to your private sphere. Everyone has one, and if a person is too close you either increase the distance, or you accept they are within your sphere.
But what do you do if it’s a visit, and you don’t know how handle them getting too close, because you can’t see them?

The difference

I told her that she had to try to communicate when she felt a headache or migraine build up. Ask it to move away from her. Even just 3 steps, or enough for her to get back her own space, her private sphere. If a physical being gets too close, you would also feel uncomfortable and probably ask them to move. Here it is exactly same. No doubt, she thought I was crazy but since nothing else had worked she was willing to give it a try.

The next time I saw her she was a changed woman; She had done what I suggested to her, and she hadn’t had a headache in two months. She was so happy, but also a bit scared because she didn’t understand what had made her headaches go away.
She wanted to know what spirits were there and why they wanted to hurt her. I told her they did not want to hurt her but when she had headaches she was asking the universe for help and that made it worse. They are trying to help, to heal, and that’s why they get in close, and the it amplifies everything.

How to: 
If you have headaches try to:

Breathe and say, either inside your head or out loud, “please take 3 steps back because I get uncomfortable when you are this close”.
It usually works the first time, but try it and let me know what you think.

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I got lost – but now I am back

I got lost - but now I am back

I got lost – but now I am back

I have been away for some time now, and I know that I’m usually a lot more reliable when it comes to my blog and writing posts. The reason for me “taking some time of” is, that I have been moving to a new apartment with my family, which took a lot more energy than I had expected.

Also, it has been a crazy month with so many new inputs and emotions coming my way that I was hardly able to keep track of any of them. I had days where I was crying for hours and I had no idea why.

I guess that the sum of the move being so hard and everything else on top, my mind and body just stopped working properly, in an attempt to say “enough is enough.” I was crying over TV shows, over my family, over work and basically over everything.

I am blessed with the greatest friends and husband. They have really been there for me. They have all given me words of comfort and healing.

Just two days ago I realized what it is the universe wants me to know, and teach me; I should be me, and try to be something else.

In my business and in my work, I have tried so hard to listen to what others told me was “the right thing,” but I realized, perhaps a little late, that I have to be me and do things my way.  Authenticity above anything else.

So now new things are going to happen both with me as a soul having a human experience and with Soulguide. I have made so many new decisions and I am so glad that I did.

Soon I will be able to tell you more about it, and more will build on as time passes. I hope you will go with me on this magical ride. It is going to be great!

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Soul: lost and found


Soul: lost and found

Not too long ago, a woman who was coming to a session called me. She said that her daughter had committed suicide and she didn’t understand why and she wanted me to tell her. She came for at session.

I asked Spirit if I could contact the daughter, and I was shown her; A beautiful young woman, absolutely beautiful.

I asked her why she had decided to end her life. Her answer was that she was very sick, but did not tell anyone. She had heard voices for months, and when she told her doctor, some of it, the doctor had just told her that she should tell them to go away. She had talked to someone at school who had told her to talk with her mom, but for some reason she hadn’t done that.

She told me she ended her life because she did not want to suffer all her life, and that the voices told her to do it.

I told her mother what I had been told and shown and she started crying intensely. This sweet you woman, who was in her late twenties, asked me to tell her mother, that she had been the greatest mom and that it had nothing to do with her.

I normally love when what Spirit tells me gives people peace, but this was such a sad situation. Her mother was forever changed and a part of her soul had been lost with the death of her daughter.

The picture

All of a sudden the daughter told me, that her mother should look at a specific picture on her wall, which had a giraffe in it. Her mother said that it was always misaligned on the wall, even when she had just corrected it. Her daughter almost shouted to me, with traceable excitement, that it was her: “It is me, mom” she laughed, “It is me! I am doing that.”
Her mom cried even harder, and laughed. “She is there. She is talking to me. She is really there!”

I absolutely love these kinds of spiritual meetings.

I have talked to the mother for some time, and even though I cannot take her pain away I was able to give her peace of mind and a connection to the daughter that she missed so much.

My work makes sense whenever I get to help people in this way.

Psychic or crazy?

Psychic or crazy?


I recently had a lecture during which I was asked about mental illness. I was asked by this sweet young woman who wanted to know where the line between being mentally ill and being psychic is. I loved that she asked that question.

The line between the two is paper-thin. In my life I have met so many people that have been told and diagnosed as mentally ill in varying degrees, and I have also been in bad places in my life. So this subject is close to my heart.

I often meet people that I think are not actually mentally ill, but they had no one to catch them when they went overboard as they had no guides on earth, which made them feel even worse. But I have also met people where I had no doubts that they were mentally ill, but they didn’t understand that they were.

Some of the greatest people I have met were artists such as writers, painters and generally creative people, have been diagnosed with different mental illnesses. But what they truly are, is lost souls. Not lost souls like in the movies, but souls that have not found their way on their own in this life.

To them the world is simply too much of everything, from noise to people. They have a strong connection to the other world, but cannot sort all of the information, and ultimately they will be overwhelmed.

One of these people was a great writer, who was a really famous one, and no doubt very psychic. But he was admitted to a mental institution every now and then because he had to “restart” his brain. He was not mentally ill as such, but he needed shielding from the world. He needed to disappear for a while in order for him to be able to breathe again and function properly.

A problem in today’s society is, that we perceive mental illness is seen as something dirty, something wrong and scary. And often it is only treated with medication. It cannot only be treated with medicine, because you have to get to the origin of the problems people have and not just treat symptoms. If left unsolved they will never get better or simply relapse after some time.

If you got sick every time you ate something specific you wouldn’t take pills for that, but rather make an effort to find out what caused it and stop eating that. Why should we then give pills to someone for depression (as an example) without talking about why the depression came around in the first place, and giving tools to deal with it?

I think that is just so sad. More needs to be done!

psychic or crazy?

Birthday competition

When is your birthday?

Mine is really soon. Actually in less than two weeks. I am not doing anything special for my birthday. My husband is in another country traveling with work and it is a day like so many other days.


It is my mission to make a difference.

My birthday is my day to do something for others. I am not one to make a huge deal out of getting older, or being insulted if people forget my birthday. It is just a date, and it all comes down to how I am the rest of the year. That does not mean I don’t love every note and greeting I get. I really do.

I love to help others, and really do something to make the world a better place. I want to teach people that spirit wants to help and guide all of you. I could make a list of around 1000 things I need and want, but I have turned it all around.

I am starting a competition where YOU might be the winner.

To win you have to answer some questions and ask ONE question you want me to answer as a psychic medium, personal or not. The prize is a Soulguide session

Do you do something for others on your birthday?

My birthday is June 28th and I will pick a winner that day. Maybe more than one winner.

I would love it if you would share this post, and help me help a load of people.

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17 things about me and what I do

17 tings about me and what I do

I get all sorts of questions about what I do and how I do it, so I made this list for those of you who wants to know more, based on many of these questions.

#1 – I see, hear, smell, feel, taste and in all ways communicate with the spirit world.

#2 – I have always talked to passed souls, I can´t remember a time without them.

#3 – Until four years ago I had no idea that I could heal people. I woke up one morning and thought I could heal, and it turned out that I could.

#4 – I often have conversations going with passed souls when I think no one is listening or looking.

#5 – I have only been scared of the spirits one time. I was watching TV and all off the sudden I felt the girl from the series (Sensing Murder New Zealand). A moment later, everything from the shelf above me fell down. I was taken by surprise and was a little scared because of it.

#6 – I have found lost people, the most amazing things for people and I have even found a horse.

#7 – I have done regression meditations, where I bring people back to release past lives. I absolutely love it.

#8 – I was only 5 when I told my grandmother that I wanted to change the world.

#9 – I have helped people in 11 different countries and loved every session.

#10 – I often jokingly tell people that I’m always right, and I get proof every day that I am right when I communicate what spirit wants me to tell the world.

#11 – I can do a session everywhere because it’s not important who I’m talking too, but my connection with spirit. I have even done sessions while driving.

#12 – I married the love of my life, and have a very special connection with him.

#13 – I made my own posters in order for people to remember themselves every day.

#14 – I love what I do and I always bring my heart in to my work.

#15 – I love my free SoulChats, which I have every month at Soulguide.com

#16 – I do not drink alcohol and haven’t since 1993. This is because I get even closer to spirit when I do, and there are so many things I do NOT say on a daily basis.

#17 – My friends have a hard time knowing if it is me or spirits that talk when I say something.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my gift. You are more than welcome to contact me by mail and we can talk about how I can help YOU reach YOUR goals.


Home away from home

Home Away From Home

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been able to leave my body when things got too difficult here on earth. I call it ‘going home’. When I go there, I am healed, energized and safe. It is a place where I am enclosed by love, light and caring souls. Time is not a factor, so there is no need to overthink things.

I was around ten when I discovered that I could do somersaults in the air. Pure flying! I have never in my gravity-bound earth body had the same feeling of freedom.

As I write this, my eyes are welling up. Not from sadness, but from the memory of pure joy when coming ‘home’.

I can feel the other world moving closer, embracing me. All worries about time, money and people disappear, because all I can feel is the other world. I wish I could share the love for other people, that one inevitably feels when home. It is a very special feeling.

At some point I start feeling that something is forcing me back into my body, and it is difficult to leave something so wonderful, but they tell me that it isn’t my time to stay yet.

Home away from home