My soul is bleeding

My soul is bleeding

I love my friends, and I am very close to some of them. I feel them. When I thought about a friend today, this is what came to me. I absolutely love my friend, and would love to save her from her tears, but I can’t.

There are these days where my soul is bleeding. It is telling me that life is just the hardest because I must learn and grow. Somehow I did not know how bad my soul was bleeding until a friend told me. The moment she said the word the tears came running. They will not stop, but they are the voice of my soul.

My soul is speaking and I need to listen. It is telling me I am on the right path, and not far from my dream, but somehow it seems like I cannot reach it without my soul bleeding. I need to learn, to stop and be grateful. Why is gratefulness so hard and why can’t I just be satisfied and happy.

It seems like learning comes with tears. Every tear is a sentence from my soul, telling me to remember myself and be brave. Somehow I am brave and encouraging to? everyone but me. I know my work is about others but I seem to be lost in the process. Am I just put on earth to serve and not to be alive and happy? How can I be me and not die a little every day?

Tomorrow will be better; we promise, they keep telling me. And still my soul is bleeding. Where is the light and how can I get into it?
My fight is personal, where no one can come along, and nobody wants to.

This is words with power and I know she is better now.

My soul is bleeding

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Do we need to do more than cure cancer?

Do we need to do more than cure cancer?

We have an annual event in Denmark ”break Cancer.” It is a week of fundraising for the cause of curing cancer.

All from radio and TV-shows to social medias has competitions, there are loads of private events where you can give money for cancer research or a company will donate “for every like” they get on Facebook.
It all leads up to one big show being broadcast on TV, where celebrities are on the phone to receive donations, and you can even win a car.

I think it is great that they want to do something about cancer, however my thoughts on this annual event might be unpopular; I am actually saddened by the huge amount of cancer awareness.

It’s not that we shouldn’t support cancer research, of course we should. It’s just that my thoughts wander off to those who are not fighting cancer, to those who fight other things like sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, lupus, arthritis and a lot of other illnesses that are as horrible to get.

For some reason, in Denmark we think that cancer is the worst disease, but if you break it down there are so many kinds of cancer. Not just breast cancer, cervical cancer or leukemia, but more unknown kinds of cancer that are not researched because there is not enough focus on them. People die from other kinds of cancer because no one know they have it, because they are not the “popular” cancer types.

I am not saying we should not research. I am not saying it is not horrible to get any kind of cancer. But I am on the other hand saying, that we have more than cancer to cure.

Some family of mine have an autoimmune disease which only around 1.000 people in the world has, and she is dying from it. Slowly, painfully and surely. Almost no one knows of this disease, and even if they do the answer is often that no research is done because there are no funds.

So, my question is this; do we want more than just to “break cancer?”

Regardless, I hope that one day we will find a cure for both cancer and other diseases.

Do we need to do more than cure cancer?


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Can you measure pain?

Can you measure pain?


I have this very basic belief that people know their bodies the best, so when they say it hurts somewhere in their body, then who am I to say it doesn’t?

Have you ever had someone tell you to “suck it up” when you were in pain? I think that is one of the most offensive things you can do; tell people how they feel or how they are supposed to feel.
If you work with people then you need to understand that you cannot measure pain or sense others feelings, and therefore you cannot make assumptions on how others are doing.

I have met a lot of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others who said that I was complaining too much about the pain I felt, while in fact they just didn’t know. I could easily get mad, but instead I feel sad. I feel sad because they do not meet me where I am, but judge me and have their own biased opinions.

If a scan is negative

I spoke to a friend not too long ago who told me that someone whom she had argued with said, that “you cannot be sick if it doesn’t show in a scan.” I think that is absolutely absurd. How could anyone tell someone else, someone seeking help, that they are not sick in the “right way” simply because something doesn’t show on a scan?

Some people are more sensitive than others, which means that a certain amount of paint can objectively be more or less painful to different people. If you are a highly sensitive person you everything will feel more intense to you, and no one should tell you that it’s wrong what you’re sensing. On the other hand, if you’re not highly sensitive you might be able to endure much more pain, stressful surroundings etc. but that does not mean that your perception is either more right or wrong.

What I want you to bring with you from this post is, that we are all individuals and sense and feel differently and that we mustn’t tell others feelings are wrong or how they should feel instead.

Can you measure pain?