Does your letters makes a difference?

Does your letters makes a difference?

Have you sent a letter lately, a paper kind of letter?

I have! I go out of my way to send cards and letters. Handwritten letters and cards.
There is something magical about someone taking the time to write and send a letter. In this world of busy people who forget to stop, a letter is a kind of love, a kind of compassion and thoughtfulness.

The cards I write these days are very special.

I have a grandmother who is getting old. She does not remember very well and our conversations are very uniform, because she cannot remember what she just told me.I write her letters and cards. A card with words from me; I live far away from her, and she’s got a hard time remembering our conversations. I choose to write to her instead. I even bought a pen and ink just to do something special.

I don’t write a lot of things in the cards. A little something about my days, what I do, how we are and thoughts about how I think she is.
I know I won’t get an answer, I know. I still write her. It does make a difference to her, I feel that in our conversations, even though she forgets it all the time.
I know she is disappearing into dementia, and my hope is that when she sees the cards she will know she is not forgotten or lost to us.

There is something magical about letters.

I spent some time writing spring letters, fall letters, Christmas letters. I know so many people say they don’t have the time and it‘s absurd.
It is a lot of time I spend on it. I chose to spend hours making others happy. It makes a big difference when a card comes and you know someone has been thinking about you.
That is a way of thinking about others, caring for and loving others.
In this busy world, far too few people write letters.
It might just be one or two hours of your life, but it makes a difference for the recipient.
I know that not all have the energy to write, paint and be creative. It is not necessary. Sometimes all you got to do is write words on a card or paper. “I did not forget you”.

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

5 things I learned in December

5 things I learned in December

#1 – I learned that if I don’t take of myself, spirit will make sure I will. I learned it the hard way. I had a hard time remembering myself, but spirit always has my back. Read about it here:

#2 – I learned that my business coach, Andi, in every way makes me act and work. She is absolutely fantastic, and an extraordinaire soul. You can find her here:

#3 – I learned that my Danish members club is fantastic, and slowly and surely moving forward. It is a great place of development, caring, and spirituality. It is a place where members can evolve.

#4 – I learned that the healing I see in regressions is amazing. It gives a very raw healing that goes so deep into every cell and fiber.  The healing from past lives gives access to so much more happiness.

#5 – I learned that not everyone understands what thoughtfulness and caring is. You have to start with yourself and through action, show others what it is to care. Everything starts with yourself.

Raise you human game

Raise you human game


Has anyone ever told you that you were not good enough? Have you ever told anyone they were not good enough?

I try so hard not to focus on what people are not able to do, but raise my thoughts and see what people are capable of. I want to lift people and I want everyone to know that they have great value to the universe. No one is here by accident.

If someone tells you that you are not good enough, that you are no use, or anything like that, raise your game. Don’t give back the same way. Be the opposite, tell them how they are great, how it is so great for them to give you great critique, just let them know that you are not like them.

“if they go low, you go high”

Michelle Obama said it not too long ago “if they go low, you go high”. It is such brilliant words. The world has so many people going low, and talking in horrid ways. Even being very rude to other people. If no one stops it and say I am not like them, it is just going to go on.

Growing up I was always told to ignore and turn the other cheek. While I was told to do that, it seemed like a hopeless road with the horrid bullying coming my way. I don’t think it is the solution. You need to act, otherwise you will feel helpless. That does not mean being like them.

Your ego want to fight back, and wants you to defend yourself. Defense is more than “giving back”. If you are kind, loving and come with words from a place of love, you will be successful.

Of course, there some people who are not responding well to that ether, and that is when you need to make your stand VERY clear. Remove yourself after making it clear that it is not acceptable. Protecting yourself, does not mean fighting, it can also just mean to be kind and removing yourself.

I hope that you will live from your heart and in love, not in your ego, and fighting.


How to cure certain headaches

How to cure certain headaches


Often when out with friends, I end up channeling what I get from the other world. Some of the issues I am asked a lot about are headaches and migraines.

A lot of people, too many people, have headaches and in some cases, very severe headaches. They  can be sick for several days during a month, often with migraines, and in some cases are even not able to work.

One time I was talking to some friends, one of whom told me she was very sick with migraines and had as much as four to five days a month where she was unable to get out of bed. I told her that I didn’t actually think she was sick.
I know she thought I must be crazy, but I asked her to bear with me.

Sometimes headaches are a visit, from the other world which has come to close to your private sphere. Everyone has one, and if a person is too close you either increase the distance, or you accept they are within your sphere.
But what do you do if it’s a visit, and you don’t know how handle them getting too close, because you can’t see them?

The difference

I told her that she had to try to communicate when she felt a headache or migraine build up. Ask it to move away from her. Even just 3 steps, or enough for her to get back her own space, her private sphere. If a physical being gets too close, you would also feel uncomfortable and probably ask them to move. Here it is exactly same. No doubt, she thought I was crazy but since nothing else had worked she was willing to give it a try.

The next time I saw her she was a changed woman; She had done what I suggested to her, and she hadn’t had a headache in two months. She was so happy, but also a bit scared because she didn’t understand what had made her headaches go away.
She wanted to know what spirits were there and why they wanted to hurt her. I told her they did not want to hurt her but when she had headaches she was asking the universe for help and that made it worse. They are trying to help, to heal, and that’s why they get in close, and the it amplifies everything.

How to: 
If you have headaches try to:

Breathe and say, either inside your head or out loud, “please take 3 steps back because I get uncomfortable when you are this close”.
It usually works the first time, but try it and let me know what you think.

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My soul is bleeding

My soul is bleeding

I love my friends, and I am very close to some of them. I feel them. When I thought about a friend today, this is what came to me. I absolutely love my friend, and would love to save her from her tears, but I can’t.

There are these days where my soul is bleeding. It is telling me that life is just the hardest because I must learn and grow. Somehow I did not know how bad my soul was bleeding until a friend told me. The moment she said the word the tears came running. They will not stop, but they are the voice of my soul.

My soul is speaking and I need to listen. It is telling me I am on the right path, and not far from my dream, but somehow it seems like I cannot reach it without my soul bleeding. I need to learn, to stop and be grateful. Why is gratefulness so hard and why can’t I just be satisfied and happy.

It seems like learning comes with tears. Every tear is a sentence from my soul, telling me to remember myself and be brave. Somehow I am brave and encouraging to? everyone but me. I know my work is about others but I seem to be lost in the process. Am I just put on earth to serve and not to be alive and happy? How can I be me and not die a little every day?

Tomorrow will be better; we promise, they keep telling me. And still my soul is bleeding. Where is the light and how can I get into it?
My fight is personal, where no one can come along, and nobody wants to.

This is words with power and I know she is better now.

My soul is bleeding

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Do we need to do more than cure cancer?

Do we need to do more than cure cancer?

We have an annual event in Denmark ”break Cancer.” It is a week of fundraising for the cause of curing cancer.

All from radio and TV-shows to social medias has competitions, there are loads of private events where you can give money for cancer research or a company will donate “for every like” they get on Facebook.
It all leads up to one big show being broadcast on TV, where celebrities are on the phone to receive donations, and you can even win a car.

I think it is great that they want to do something about cancer, however my thoughts on this annual event might be unpopular; I am actually saddened by the huge amount of cancer awareness.

It’s not that we shouldn’t support cancer research, of course we should. It’s just that my thoughts wander off to those who are not fighting cancer, to those who fight other things like sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, lupus, arthritis and a lot of other illnesses that are as horrible to get.

For some reason, in Denmark we think that cancer is the worst disease, but if you break it down there are so many kinds of cancer. Not just breast cancer, cervical cancer or leukemia, but more unknown kinds of cancer that are not researched because there is not enough focus on them. People die from other kinds of cancer because no one know they have it, because they are not the “popular” cancer types.

I am not saying we should not research. I am not saying it is not horrible to get any kind of cancer. But I am on the other hand saying, that we have more than cancer to cure.

Some family of mine have an autoimmune disease which only around 1.000 people in the world has, and she is dying from it. Slowly, painfully and surely. Almost no one knows of this disease, and even if they do the answer is often that no research is done because there are no funds.

So, my question is this; do we want more than just to “break cancer?”

Regardless, I hope that one day we will find a cure for both cancer and other diseases.

Do we need to do more than cure cancer?


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Soul: lost and found


Soul: lost and found

Not too long ago, a woman who was coming to a session called me. She said that her daughter had committed suicide and she didn’t understand why and she wanted me to tell her. She came for at session.

I asked Spirit if I could contact the daughter, and I was shown her; A beautiful young woman, absolutely beautiful.

I asked her why she had decided to end her life. Her answer was that she was very sick, but did not tell anyone. She had heard voices for months, and when she told her doctor, some of it, the doctor had just told her that she should tell them to go away. She had talked to someone at school who had told her to talk with her mom, but for some reason she hadn’t done that.

She told me she ended her life because she did not want to suffer all her life, and that the voices told her to do it.

I told her mother what I had been told and shown and she started crying intensely. This sweet you woman, who was in her late twenties, asked me to tell her mother, that she had been the greatest mom and that it had nothing to do with her.

I normally love when what Spirit tells me gives people peace, but this was such a sad situation. Her mother was forever changed and a part of her soul had been lost with the death of her daughter.

The picture

All of a sudden the daughter told me, that her mother should look at a specific picture on her wall, which had a giraffe in it. Her mother said that it was always misaligned on the wall, even when she had just corrected it. Her daughter almost shouted to me, with traceable excitement, that it was her: “It is me, mom” she laughed, “It is me! I am doing that.”
Her mom cried even harder, and laughed. “She is there. She is talking to me. She is really there!”

I absolutely love these kinds of spiritual meetings.

I have talked to the mother for some time, and even though I cannot take her pain away I was able to give her peace of mind and a connection to the daughter that she missed so much.

My work makes sense whenever I get to help people in this way.

Psychic or crazy?

Psychic or crazy?


I recently had a lecture during which I was asked about mental illness. I was asked by this sweet young woman who wanted to know where the line between being mentally ill and being psychic is. I loved that she asked that question.

The line between the two is paper-thin. In my life I have met so many people that have been told and diagnosed as mentally ill in varying degrees, and I have also been in bad places in my life. So this subject is close to my heart.

I often meet people that I think are not actually mentally ill, but they had no one to catch them when they went overboard as they had no guides on earth, which made them feel even worse. But I have also met people where I had no doubts that they were mentally ill, but they didn’t understand that they were.

Some of the greatest people I have met were artists such as writers, painters and generally creative people, have been diagnosed with different mental illnesses. But what they truly are, is lost souls. Not lost souls like in the movies, but souls that have not found their way on their own in this life.

To them the world is simply too much of everything, from noise to people. They have a strong connection to the other world, but cannot sort all of the information, and ultimately they will be overwhelmed.

One of these people was a great writer, who was a really famous one, and no doubt very psychic. But he was admitted to a mental institution every now and then because he had to “restart” his brain. He was not mentally ill as such, but he needed shielding from the world. He needed to disappear for a while in order for him to be able to breathe again and function properly.

A problem in today’s society is, that we perceive mental illness is seen as something dirty, something wrong and scary. And often it is only treated with medication. It cannot only be treated with medicine, because you have to get to the origin of the problems people have and not just treat symptoms. If left unsolved they will never get better or simply relapse after some time.

If you got sick every time you ate something specific you wouldn’t take pills for that, but rather make an effort to find out what caused it and stop eating that. Why should we then give pills to someone for depression (as an example) without talking about why the depression came around in the first place, and giving tools to deal with it?

I think that is just so sad. More needs to be done!

psychic or crazy?

Do you need a vacation?

Do you need at vacation?


These days a lot of people in the northern hemisphere are going on vacation. This is the time where all the thought that goes in to planning and thinking about vacation are fulfilled. Some are going on their dream vacation, some on a great vacation and again some would rather have decided something else.

Some doesn’t have enough money to travel anywhere, like a friend of mine who was really sad that she couldn’t afford to take her kids on a vacation, and had to stay at home. It turns out they had a great time by just being together and do absolutely nothing. Not having to go anywhere was a blessing for them.

Sometimes the thing you think you want the most is not really the same thing you need. There are so many people who go on a vacations where they don’t relax but the opposite. At the same time, I know that some people relax when they go camping or hiking. Not everyone need to be passive on a beach doing nothing in order for them to relax.

One of the most loving things you can do is to breathe and feel what the best kind of vacation is best for you. Also you need to find the core of what energizes you and be sure that is what you are going to be doing on a vacation.

For years I have been working even when I was on vacation, so it has not really been vacation. I love my work and vacation means working less. But this year I have decided to turn on the vacation sign on the blog and not post anything for two weeks.

I have always had a really hard time relaxing and still have a hard time doing nothing. This year I have decided that I need “me-time” during the short summer Denmark has to offer.

I will be back stronger and revitalized. I am not going anywhere, like traveling, just enjoying time with my family. I hope that you will be back with me after the two weeks.

What are you doing this summer, and what does relaxation mean to you?


Did you say no for two weeks?

Did you say no for two weeks?


A few weeks ago I posted Could you say no for two weeks straight?

It was inspired by this beautiful woman who was in a bad place in her life, didn’t feel like she had control in her life, was worn out and needed to be able to steer her life herself. She had lost her direction and her soul had almost shut down entirely. She was in tears when I told her she had to say no. Today I caught up with her and she told me how she was doing.

One thing she emphasized was, that she felt much better and much more in control of her life. She told me that for the first time in years she feels like herself. I absolutely loved hearing her say that this simply exercise had helped her. The energy in her words was very different from the broken woman I saw just a few weeks ago.

She told me her husband did not agree with her no´s but she did not expect him to. After all, she hadn’t said no for years, so they are in a hard process and she is fighting to communicate with him. They have kids and that makes it even more important to communicate and work together.

She was much happier and alive in her soul. She knew she was heading for something very different in her life, but was sure that it would be something better. She even said that now she said no just because she could, since now she was able to. I know that sounds stupid to some people but to her it was a true revolution.

One of the things the other world wants her to know is that she will be okay. They want her to know that her path is right in front of her and that she is going to change the world for people. She is on the right path now, as she is listening to her soul.


Did you try two weeks with NO? How did it go?

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