I had to listen – Spirit Language

I had to listen – Spirit Language


I must tell you about my last two weeks. The last month has been hard, and with a load of things to do. I have not had time to stop and think or feel. I have helped a lot of others but felt almost powerless when it came to relaxing.

So, my phone decided to lose power fast, and the screen cracked. This was last week. I had to call the insurance company to have it replaced.

One morning I woke up with a finger that hurt and was turning blue. I was surprised because I had done nothing to injure it. Turns out I had blown some blood vessels in my finger. It hurt like crazy and I had to go to the doctor’s to figure it out.

The very same day, my computer died. Not just died, but totally died. Nothing happened when I pushed the button. I had to call the service center to have it replaced.

Our clock on the wall stopped all of the sudden. Just stopped. It is almost brand new, but t just stopped.

My car got a new problem, and I needed to take it to the mechanic to be fixed.

So, within two day I was down one hand, one phone, one computer, one car, and a clock. I was beginning to see a pattern.

I had spoken to 3 different service centers, a doctor and a mechanic. I decided to ask a friend. She is very intuitive and great at tuning in to me.

She told me it was time to remember my healing, meditation and peace. It had to do with remembering myself.

I know she was right and I have taken time every day to be me, and not just helping others.

The lesson, not just for me, is to remember yourself every day, spend time on you, even if you can only get 10 minutes a day.



How do you listen?

How do you listen?

So many people are alone with their feelings, and many choose not to share them because they have previously been burned by others.

Not long ago, I was talking to a woman who keeps her feelings to herself. She was explaining how, one day, one of her friends had pushed her to tell how she felt. Her friend had said that “sharing is good” and so she ended up telling her how she was. But this friend never replied to what she told her, just something irrelevant about kids.
Obviously, she was hurt by her friend’s behavior. She had told this friend about her feelings, which was extraordinary. And all she got out of it was, that maybe keeping her feelings to herself was the right thing to do.

We talked about how sharing with others can be difficult, because our expectations of others are so different. They might not be in the same place as you, so you cannot expect them to act as you do.

I don’t think that this friend should have pushed her so hard if she anyway didn’t have time to listen to her, that just makes the effort seem pointless. If you want others to feel important, like they matter, you must listen to them. Who knows, they might even say something interesting.

Have you thought about how you listen, and what you expect from other people when you share your thoughts and feelings?

I often say that we should listen to the older generation of our society, mostly because they have seen things we wouldn’t even dream of. I have spent a lot of time listening to my grandparents and their friends, asking about the “old times” and that has taught me so much about where the world comes from, and where it is going.

Sometimes, all you need is to breathe and listen.

How do you listen?

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Do you ever just listen?

Do you ever just listen?


I talk, a lot. Anyone who has ever met me will know that I talk, and not just talk but I talk a lot. There are just always word coming to me, out my mouth in my head and just words all the time. I know that a part of me talking so much is the fact that I communicate what the passed spirits say. That is my gift to tell you living people what the dead say.

BUT in saying that I talk a lot, I actually listen even more. I spend a lot of my time listening to people. I see them, hear them and get words for them. Right now I am sitting at a café while my car is getting fixed.

Next to me is a table with four ladies. They are talking about things that are hard in their lives.

One, a lady in blue striped shirt, are going through a really hard time, she feel betrayed by a another friend and her husband. It is so interesting to see the other women reply to her words.

One is listening to every word, just listening.

One is jumping in all the time and relating everything to herself, and giving advice about how she should do. That makes it hard for the first lady to tell her story about her hardship. She keeps on turning the conversation back to her.

The last one is just listening and saying compassionate words. She only talks when the first lady is done, and she only validates her feelings of betray.

The first lady in stripes almost only talk to the last one because that is where she gets validated, and feels heard. Her problem is she has not been able to break the generations of abuse from husbands that her mother, and her mother before her has brought down. It is a pattern of abuse, and thinking it would be ok, not to be treated with respect and dignity.

I would love to heal that woman, but I cannot just walk up to her and ask.

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