How does your car look?

How does your car look?


Picture yourself sitting in a car. Are you comfy sitting there? Look at the windshield, it is big, bright and sunlight is coming through.

Now look at your rearview mirror. It is small, but big enough to see what is behind you, but not big enough to block your sight of the things in front.

Now think about life. Are the things you see in front of you bigger than what is behind you? Have you got the proportions right? Some people have a huge rearview mirror and a small windshield. If you are looking towards your past all the time, you cannot see what great things are right in front of you.
I have talked to too many people who are looking back and not ahead all the time.

It makes me so sad. They miss out on their time in this body because they are stuck in whatever happened in the past. I know if, if any, how hard it can be to start looking at what is in ahead and not in the past. I have spent years looking back and not forward.It took some serious soul searching to move on, and I was finally able to, and what a relief. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


The past should be in perspective and not in everything you see. Of course you need to remember your past to not make the same mistakes, but that is not the same to have it follow you like a rainy cloud over your head.

When I talk to people who live in the past I often tell them to let go of the things that have happened which they cannot change. You cannot change the past, no matter how great it would be to try and succeed.

Live in a life where your windshield is big, your rearview mirror is small and you love being in your car.

How does your car look? 

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Is your life based in love?

Is your life based in love?


I came across a quote on Instagram that got me thinking. I’ll share it with you:

‘As you breathe in right now, someone else breathes for the last time. Stop complaining and learn to live your life the way you want it.’

I instinctively get this quote. How about you? Way too many people forget their blessings and forget the fact that they themselves are the creators of their own lives. Everybody has a path to greatness or some version of it, but lots of people lack the patience and opt for quick fixes as lottery tickets and such.

Unfortunately it is very common for people to long for material things and feel deprived when they are out of reach. Focusing on what you don’t have instead of enjoying what they do have.

In communicating with Spirit I have learned that the base of everything worthwhile is love. The love you feel for yourself and the love you give to others. I often tell people that owning lots of things will not make them happy if they don’t have love in their lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean being in a relationship, but to interact with love in relations with other people.

Does this mean that we should forsake all things material? The flat screens, the beautiful curves of a car, art, or wellnes? – of course not! 🙂 It only means that you should try to base everything you do in love. Invite your heart to sit in at the board meetings or parent teacher conferences or whatever interactions your daily life holds.

No one life has more value than others – all lives are based in love, says Spirit. When I listen to what spirit ways and teaches I happy deep within my soul.