Do you fight for your friendships?

Do you fight for your friendships?


Do you know that feeling when you are really changing as a human, and as a spirit?  I have been changing for years now. It feels like I am expanding all the time.
I am in constant evolution. I am still the same in my core, my spirit. Even though I am changing, I still have the same core values. They are very important to stay true to. This is who you are deep inside your soul and spirit.

I have friends where I see their potential and cores when they don’t. I love helping people to see their core, the love and potential they have inside. It is close to magic. During my life, I have had people I was close to and have had to let go. They changed in another direction and I could not follow. I could not walk the same path and they could not come along mine. It has been some of the hardest things in my life. To let go of people that I really cared for. Some have just faded away, and slowly just lost touch. Others have gone with a huge commotion. It has been hard times, but mostly it has been hard putting myself first.
Some friends have not had any understanding for my path and others have been along for the ride. I have loved seeing some of the paths my friends have taken, and others not so much.
I have asked myself, “when you should you leave other people, and when to fight for a friendship? “.

It is one of the hardest lessons I have had to learn.
The answer I have found to work for me, is listen to your intuition. Really listen, and ask yourself if the energy you use on the friendship is more negative than positive. Do you go to bed feeling angry or sad more often than not, then is it time to let go?
One of the things I have used is a simple but great thing. I flip a coin, and that sounds absurd, but it is not the outcome. It is because in that very moment it falls, you know what is right, what you hope for and what you have to do.
It is truly irrelevant what the outcome of the coinflip is. It is what is in your heart that is important.

Chose yourself – every day!

My soul is bleeding

My soul is bleeding

I love my friends, and I am very close to some of them. I feel them. When I thought about a friend today, this is what came to me. I absolutely love my friend, and would love to save her from her tears, but I can’t.

There are these days where my soul is bleeding. It is telling me that life is just the hardest because I must learn and grow. Somehow I did not know how bad my soul was bleeding until a friend told me. The moment she said the word the tears came running. They will not stop, but they are the voice of my soul.

My soul is speaking and I need to listen. It is telling me I am on the right path, and not far from my dream, but somehow it seems like I cannot reach it without my soul bleeding. I need to learn, to stop and be grateful. Why is gratefulness so hard and why can’t I just be satisfied and happy.

It seems like learning comes with tears. Every tear is a sentence from my soul, telling me to remember myself and be brave. Somehow I am brave and encouraging to? everyone but me. I know my work is about others but I seem to be lost in the process. Am I just put on earth to serve and not to be alive and happy? How can I be me and not die a little every day?

Tomorrow will be better; we promise, they keep telling me. And still my soul is bleeding. Where is the light and how can I get into it?
My fight is personal, where no one can come along, and nobody wants to.

This is words with power and I know she is better now.

My soul is bleeding

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What kind of friends do you have?

What kind of friends do you have?


I have done a lot of thinking about the nature of friendships and what makes them just that. What makes them last, and what makes them break?

In my world there are at least five types of friendships.

  1. Friendships where you know each other from a former life. You often feel like you’ve known each other forever, which you actually kinda have. With this type of friendship, you can sometimes feel the deep connection the moment you meet the other person.
  2. Sometimes you befriend someone who mirrors you in that exact place you are. These friendships can be very valuable for as long as the mirroring is going on, but they seldom last after one or the other moves in another direction.
  3. Going through things together also creates friendships. These have a solid foundation and tend to last.
  4. You can also have bad friendships based on the absence of good ones. Needless to say, these are not healthy for you.
  5. The last type of friendship I can think of, are the unbalanced ones, where one part is constantly helping the other. Good friendships, like all relationships, need balance.

In my view, the single most important factor in a good friendship is that you can be yourself. You can always ask yourself whether you are able to relax with another person or not. This should give you a clue.

For the last couple of years I have been blessed with many new women in my life. For all of them goes that I can be me in their company (as they can be themselves). They all help me remember to care for myself. This is particularly important for me, as it is second nature to me to care for others, but it happens that I forget myself in the proces.

I also have a very good friend of the opposite sex. We have been friends for about 15 years now. I often meet the assumption that men and women can’t be friends without some sort of sexual undercurrent. I don’t understand this. I think of my friend as I think of my girlfriends, despite him being straight.

Everyday I think how lucky I am to have the friends I have.

Do you remember to appreciate your friendships?

What kind of friends do you have?