Raise you human game

Raise you human game


Has anyone ever told you that you were not good enough? Have you ever told anyone they were not good enough?

I try so hard not to focus on what people are not able to do, but raise my thoughts and see what people are capable of. I want to lift people and I want everyone to know that they have great value to the universe. No one is here by accident.

If someone tells you that you are not good enough, that you are no use, or anything like that, raise your game. Don’t give back the same way. Be the opposite, tell them how they are great, how it is so great for them to give you great critique, just let them know that you are not like them.

“if they go low, you go high”

Michelle Obama said it not too long ago “if they go low, you go high”. It is such brilliant words. The world has so many people going low, and talking in horrid ways. Even being very rude to other people. If no one stops it and say I am not like them, it is just going to go on.

Growing up I was always told to ignore and turn the other cheek. While I was told to do that, it seemed like a hopeless road with the horrid bullying coming my way. I don’t think it is the solution. You need to act, otherwise you will feel helpless. That does not mean being like them.

Your ego want to fight back, and wants you to defend yourself. Defense is more than “giving back”. If you are kind, loving and come with words from a place of love, you will be successful.

Of course, there some people who are not responding well to that ether, and that is when you need to make your stand VERY clear. Remove yourself after making it clear that it is not acceptable. Protecting yourself, does not mean fighting, it can also just mean to be kind and removing yourself.

I hope that you will live from your heart and in love, not in your ego, and fighting.


What is courage?

What is courage


Often I think that a lot of the women I know are really brave and have a lot of courage. I think women especially underestimate themselves and think that they are not filled with courage.

The other day I spoke with a woman who is single, and every day she fights to find her inner strength to be a mother and a woman. She tries to be the best she can be, but she is not happy alone and would love a partner in her life. Last week she decided to go to a nightclub on her own and just dance the night away. She was not out to get a man, but just there to dance. She had all kinds of assumptions on being single and visit such a place and whether she could do it at all. But she did it, despite being insecure. She went and she danced the night away. That to me is being brave.

Another woman I met had a really hard time being herself. I have written about her in my blog before; I told her to say no for two weeks. She was almost overcome by fear of just saying no, but she did it. She stood up for herself and said no when she needed to say no. That to me is courage.

Courage is doing things that are outside your comfort zone, things you haven’t done before without knowing the outcome. I am not saying that jumping off a cliff or bungee jumps is not courage. What I’m saying is that courage is not just those things. Everyday changes that are hard and that takes all the strength in you, requires just as much courage and bravery as adrenaline-filled activities. In fact, the “little things” are sometimes even harder because no one sees what is going on inside.

Next time you have to challenge or change something inside you that really matters, remember that you are one of the bravest people in the world!

Do you feel brave?