How I made a believer out of a skeptic

How I made a believer out of a skeptic

I have been quiet for some time now. I have not had the feel for writing. I want to write something that means something to me when I actually write.
I have been busy with all sorts of things, because I am changing my websites and making changes all over the place.
I have decided to write a book, and that takes up time too.
Under all these plans and new things, is an urge to speak publicly. I want to do more and I want to spread positive words.

I have been talking to spirits all my life. I have been guiding people for as long as I can remember. It has been passing on messages, and healing people even before I was aware of it.

This month has been one of teaching. I have been guiding and teaching people who needed to find the right direction. My views on so many things have changed, into a path of talking more about love and compassion.

In this world where it seems that darkness and horrid things are all over the place, I see lights of hope, compassion and love. I see people of light getting up and saying enough is enough. I know that the basis for everything is love and that love will be eternal. Some people have just lost their direction, and lost the love they had.

Every year I write down what I think is going to happen in the following year. I do not share my thoughts except with a very limited group of friends. It has been like this for years. I have been right about almost everything I have been saying, with only one or two little tweaks. I know that to some people, these predictions can be scary and they want to see them.

I know that the darkness that we see right now has been a long time coming, and that love will succeed.

I have been blessed to be the guide of someone, someone who is a master of working with energy. It is absolutely amazing to see how he works with energy and to understand what he really is capable of. I have been guiding him towards being at peace with his inner self, because his abilities with energy is not enough to be at peace, just like psychic abilities do not equal peace of mind.

The woman

I have been healing a lot lately, because so many people need help. A woman who has been very set in her mind, that what I do is silly, has been getting healing.

She came to me one day, after 3 years with a wrist in a brace. She felt so much pain and nothing worked. She told me quietly that she might want to try that healing thing I was always talking about.

I agreed, and I started healing her 5 minutes every morning. I just laid my hands on her wrist and let the energy move itself. She was in tears every time for the first week. It hurt like I was rearranging everything in her entire arm. I told her that it had to be moved around in her wrist for it to work. I was very patient. After a week, she started being pain free.
After two weeks, she was pain free half the days. After three weeks, she was almost entirely pain free.
I have been healing her 5 morning a week for a month now. I told her she needed an operation, because she does have a bone defect in her wrist, but she is pain free for most of the week and she has returned to normal use of her hand.
I am absolutely over the moon with joy. I have been able to give her the peace and pain free moment she was missing so badly. She was unable to work properly and unable to find any peace because of the pain.
My days the last month have been filled with moments of divine healing. She is a believer now. All her thoughts on how silly my work might sound are gone. She keeps on saying she is a believer.

I love my work, and love that you have been reading my words.

Thank you!

Are you fighting against evil or for good?

Are you fighting against evil or for good?

I saw a sign today: ”pro black is not anti-white”.
I loved it! It made me think. Just because you are pro something does not mean you are automatically against the opposite at all. It means you are for something and that you want something to get stronger. It has absolutely nothing to do with making something else go away.
I understand why someone would think this since it has been a black and white fight for years. Today’s feminism is not about erasing men, but empowering women.
I think it is sad that you need the fights between colors, faith and gender, when it has nothing do to with erasing others. It is all about coexistence.

In a world that is so aggressive and counting on extrovert abilities, it is important to remember that just because you are an introvert it does not mean you cannot be extrovert at times. Opposite, just because you are an extrovert it does not mean you cannot be introvert at times.
We need a balance of black and white, yin and yang, to be able to just be.
There has to be balance for us to breathe and not feel like we are off.

Too many people fight a fight for their cause and I love it, but often they are fighting against something and not FOR something else.
In a world of so many negative things it is important to remember to stay focused on the positive things. It will bring you nothing but negativity to fight for a negative thing. At times, it is a fight for evil. I see so many people fight against gays, abortion and other things. They fight it with the words as if it destroys their own ways of living.

I cannot in a million years see how two gays living together would destroy another person’s marriage I cannot see how abortion is any of other people’s business. I cannot see how someone can fight homelessness, but I can see how you would fight for people to get off the streets.
It is all about focus. Focus on educating people and teaching them how not tot get pregnant, that would be better than to shame them, and make them feel even worse.
Just like the fact that the fight for women’s rights is not a fight against men.

Not too long ago I saw a man who was about to be thrown in jail because he had painted his house blue, and not the same color tone as everyone else. It was in the plans for the area that you could old use one kind of color. Still I think it is absurd that anyone would be thrown in jail for this. However, you should follow the rules. If you don’t like the rules, get them changed.
I want to tell you all to change your perspective and fight for the good in the world and not fight against something you think is bad. I want you to tell me what you want to fight FOR?

What is your cause? What is your positive?

Would you say this?

Would you say this?

I received a weird message from a friend today. I think I wanted to write about it because this is one of the big misunderstandings about my work and personality.
A friend of mine had been told by her friend that she would be in a great where she is supposed to be, once she started to have her own opinions and stopped listening to me all the time.

At first I thought she must have gotten it wrong because that is not the kind of friendship I have with her, but then I realized that she was, in fact, saying that my friend could only be ok if she did not speak to me.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I get very sad at other people’s misconceptions about my life. This was such a time.

I am not a psychic all the time. I am, in fact, also a person with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Even though some people cannot separate from their work, I am very good at it. I have had to learn how to separate when it is just me talking and when it is spirits talking.

If you call a friend would you not ask an opinion from her/him? Would you not want them to tell you what they think about the situation you tell them about? Would you not want support and love when talking to them?

Why do people think that because I am psychic I am incapable of doing this without asking spirits first? People often think that because I am a psychic medium I surely am not just a friend that cares for others. I have heard many ask me “so is it you or a spirit who says this?”. They think I cannot be a person with my own life without it being psychic all the time.

My friend is very sad and hurt by this remark, and I do understand. My thoughts are of love and care for her.

Am I sometimes psychic when I am with her, sure! When she asks, and this is not at all often, then I answer.
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Do you need money?

Do you need money?

I have just had a session with a woman who wanted to know so many things at once.
One of the things she was very concerned about was the economy of her business. She wanted to know if the clients would come in at a faster pace, and if there would be enough profit for her to get a decent pay. She talked a lot about how she worried.

I listened very carefully and as I was about to say something, I heard spirit tell me to appreciate more. I was puzzled but then I understood. It was not at all about worrying, it was about the wording and visualization. She kept on saying there were worries, not enough money and how she needed to get income.
I told her she needed to let go of her “not enough money” mentality. She had to see for herself the success she was seeking. She had to change her language. Instead of going on about the things she did not have, she had to turn it upside down.
She had to say when and not if. She had to turn her thoughts into a visual of her future. She had to talk as if she was on the right path, and not focus on all the things that did not work.

I know you sometimes must talk about the lack of funds, but your language can still be focused on what you can do about it and not all about what is wrong.
It is not that simple to change your mindset, but it is the only way forward. You cannot attract what you cannot see. See it for your inner eye at all hours of the day and success will be much more likely than not.
Spirits wants to help you but you must show them what you want. That is both in language and thought.

Ask for the things you want.

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5 things I learned in December

5 things I learned in December

#1 – I learned that if I don’t take of myself, spirit will make sure I will. I learned it the hard way. I had a hard time remembering myself, but spirit always has my back. Read about it here:

#2 – I learned that my business coach, Andi, in every way makes me act and work. She is absolutely fantastic, and an extraordinaire soul. You can find her here:

#3 – I learned that my Danish members club is fantastic, and slowly and surely moving forward. It is a great place of development, caring, and spirituality. It is a place where members can evolve.

#4 – I learned that the healing I see in regressions is amazing. It gives a very raw healing that goes so deep into every cell and fiber.  The healing from past lives gives access to so much more happiness.

#5 – I learned that not everyone understands what thoughtfulness and caring is. You have to start with yourself and through action, show others what it is to care. Everything starts with yourself.

What kind of conversation do you choose?

What kind of conversation do you choose?

I went to a Christmas market a few weeks ago. I had a place there, where I had put my posters and postcards on display. On top I had a deck of angel cards so visitors could draw one and we could talk about it. I love talking to people, they always have so many lovely stories to tell.

One of the things I see a lot of the time, is that men tend to say “I don’t believe in that stuff” and more often than not, they refuse to participate. A few even said “that is my wife’s craziness.”

I often let go and say nothing when men have negative comments like that. They are going to talk to me when they are ready, and a lot of men are never ready.

One man did talk to me, and when I told him what I was getting, he looked at me in a way that only someone who understood could. I loved that he listened.

One man was so much fun to talk to because he was spending a lot of time trying to tell me how my line of work really is, and how none of the things I said was true. I find those people almost hilarious because they do not listen to what I say but try to come up with all kinds of “evidence” why what I say is wrong. He came up with one reason after another, and even called me a fraud.

On the other hand, he kept on saying that he believed there is more to life than what we see.

I am firm believer in the fact that I am not the one to convince people. I don’t need people to believe me. What I do need is for people to respect me, and listen to me. I am not asking for anyone to be converted, but to show basic respect the same way they want me to believe them.

Do you remember the last time someone did not respect you in a conversation? What did you do?

I had to listen – Spirit Language

I had to listen – Spirit Language


I must tell you about my last two weeks. The last month has been hard, and with a load of things to do. I have not had time to stop and think or feel. I have helped a lot of others but felt almost powerless when it came to relaxing.

So, my phone decided to lose power fast, and the screen cracked. This was last week. I had to call the insurance company to have it replaced.

One morning I woke up with a finger that hurt and was turning blue. I was surprised because I had done nothing to injure it. Turns out I had blown some blood vessels in my finger. It hurt like crazy and I had to go to the doctor’s to figure it out.

The very same day, my computer died. Not just died, but totally died. Nothing happened when I pushed the button. I had to call the service center to have it replaced.

Our clock on the wall stopped all of the sudden. Just stopped. It is almost brand new, but t just stopped.

My car got a new problem, and I needed to take it to the mechanic to be fixed.

So, within two day I was down one hand, one phone, one computer, one car, and a clock. I was beginning to see a pattern.

I had spoken to 3 different service centers, a doctor and a mechanic. I decided to ask a friend. She is very intuitive and great at tuning in to me.

She told me it was time to remember my healing, meditation and peace. It had to do with remembering myself.

I know she was right and I have taken time every day to be me, and not just helping others.

The lesson, not just for me, is to remember yourself every day, spend time on you, even if you can only get 10 minutes a day.



Raise you human game

Raise you human game


Has anyone ever told you that you were not good enough? Have you ever told anyone they were not good enough?

I try so hard not to focus on what people are not able to do, but raise my thoughts and see what people are capable of. I want to lift people and I want everyone to know that they have great value to the universe. No one is here by accident.

If someone tells you that you are not good enough, that you are no use, or anything like that, raise your game. Don’t give back the same way. Be the opposite, tell them how they are great, how it is so great for them to give you great critique, just let them know that you are not like them.

“if they go low, you go high”

Michelle Obama said it not too long ago “if they go low, you go high”. It is such brilliant words. The world has so many people going low, and talking in horrid ways. Even being very rude to other people. If no one stops it and say I am not like them, it is just going to go on.

Growing up I was always told to ignore and turn the other cheek. While I was told to do that, it seemed like a hopeless road with the horrid bullying coming my way. I don’t think it is the solution. You need to act, otherwise you will feel helpless. That does not mean being like them.

Your ego want to fight back, and wants you to defend yourself. Defense is more than “giving back”. If you are kind, loving and come with words from a place of love, you will be successful.

Of course, there some people who are not responding well to that ether, and that is when you need to make your stand VERY clear. Remove yourself after making it clear that it is not acceptable. Protecting yourself, does not mean fighting, it can also just mean to be kind and removing yourself.

I hope that you will live from your heart and in love, not in your ego, and fighting.


My soul is bleeding

My soul is bleeding

I love my friends, and I am very close to some of them. I feel them. When I thought about a friend today, this is what came to me. I absolutely love my friend, and would love to save her from her tears, but I can’t.

There are these days where my soul is bleeding. It is telling me that life is just the hardest because I must learn and grow. Somehow I did not know how bad my soul was bleeding until a friend told me. The moment she said the word the tears came running. They will not stop, but they are the voice of my soul.

My soul is speaking and I need to listen. It is telling me I am on the right path, and not far from my dream, but somehow it seems like I cannot reach it without my soul bleeding. I need to learn, to stop and be grateful. Why is gratefulness so hard and why can’t I just be satisfied and happy.

It seems like learning comes with tears. Every tear is a sentence from my soul, telling me to remember myself and be brave. Somehow I am brave and encouraging to? everyone but me. I know my work is about others but I seem to be lost in the process. Am I just put on earth to serve and not to be alive and happy? How can I be me and not die a little every day?

Tomorrow will be better; we promise, they keep telling me. And still my soul is bleeding. Where is the light and how can I get into it?
My fight is personal, where no one can come along, and nobody wants to.

This is words with power and I know she is better now.

My soul is bleeding

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Words from Spirit

Words from Spirit

If you focus on what you don’t know, you will end up sad and miserable. We want you to put all your energy into positive things. We want you to ask yourself what and how you can move on and learn more, to know more.

How can you learn from this experience and how can it help you grow?

If you focus on what is hard, sad and personal it will have control over you. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore all hardship in your life, but rather that you shouldn’t dwell on it. You should look at it as something you can learn from and grow stronger from.

We know sometimes you need help to move on but then you should seek the help, and learn how this can make you grow.

We come to you with love and understanding. We will not leave you, but stay at your side through great times and other times.

Words from spirit

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