90 days of regression part 4

90 days of regression part 4


Emily had her second regression with me, and it was really something.

This time she was in North Carolina, USA. Warm, not cold is how she described the weather. There is a creek and green fields. The year is 1730.

She was a young man around 23 years old. His name was Carlton, and he was alone. He has chosen a life all alone. He did not like people. It was a choice to be alone.

“I just want to be alone and enjoy the peace” she told me. “I am ok with being left alone with my work. I am a wood worker, a great one. I can make anything with my hands, in wood, stone or just anything. I am great with my hands” her tone was serious.

I guided her to an important occasion in that lifetime. It was a huge house where a party was going on. He was around 40 years old at that point in that life. “The party was in my honor because I made something for them, but I am sad, and I don’t want to go in there. I am ok being alone “. She looks very sad and not at all ok with being alone.
I ask if he had any kind of family, and the answer was a very fast NO, they are dead. I get the feeling that something is not right. Soon after she repeats that he is ok with being alone.

I ask her to go to the end of that life.

There is a fire in the fireplace, and it is not cold. “I am around 64 years old and my hands does not work anymore. There is a lady looking after me. She won’t leave. She is just wants to take care of me, and not leave. I am ok on my own!” She tells me the lady is called Elisabeth and she is there all the time.

I ask if he has a romantic relationship with her, or anyone. “I om fine on my own” she repeats annoyed. “I will never marry anyone”

I love the peace and quiet, and now I am gone.

I ask Emily what she is supposed to know and learn from the life, and she says it is all about being ok on my own and using my hands creatively. I need to use my hands.

I need to learn that other people are not that important, and it does not really matter what they say and do. I get sad, because I have no peace in this life. I need the peace.

I absolutely agree with her on that part. She needs to be ok with herself, and find her peace of mind.
After our session we talked and all of the sudden she says out loud I WAS GAY! I was all alone not by choice but by force. My family was dead to me. I was all alone.

I think it is such an interesting thing, that she all of the sudden knew that. She could be proud that Carlton chose to stand by himself and how he was, and not be forced in to a marriage with a woman because that was what you do.

We all need to find the peace in our own lives and life by our own rules and thoughts. This might mean a sacrifice like the one Carton made. You too have to find you peace, because no one can live without peace.

Where do you go to find your peace of mind?


90 days of regression part 3

90 days of regression part 3


I had Emily over for another regression therapy session today, but this time it seemed very confusing, and then again not at all. Perhaps because she has tried it a few times now she jumped back and forth through different moments of the same life.  “I am with a lot of people, hippies” she said. “I am a woman on a stage, I am a singer”.  She told me that she was at the Woodstock festival in 1969. She had red nails, was 27 years old and she was singing at Woodstock and that her name was either Janice or Janet.

My heart raced and instantly I started thinking about Janis Joplin, but I got clear indications from Spirit that it wasn’t her.  She continued; “I am with my band, not a main name, and my man, Carl, is playing the guitar. We are not a big name and I am backing singer.” She said that he wasn’t good looking but that she was very into him. They could live off playing their music and it was great times she said, and continued; “I am from Wisconsin. “

All of the sudden she changes the scene, “I am 34 years old” she said. I asked her where she was and she told me she was in a disgusting place, a place where people go to take drugs. She was looking for someone she told me. “I am looking for my man, for Carl.” She confirmed that he was also doing drugs as well as she was. He was lost and she had to find him.

All of the sudden her face changes and she says “something fell in to my head”, she looked like it hurt her. Her hands flew to her stomach, “I am hurt.” She had been stabbed and was dying. When I asked if she knew who had stabbed her she didn’t know. “It is a tough neighborhood” she said with a shrug of the shoulders.

Then she changed the scene again. “Now I’m in the hospital, and I am dying. It’s in Oklahoma” It was the end of that life. She had her mother there and naturally she was very sad.

When she left that body and that life I asked her what she thought she had to learn from that life and experience; “I shouldn’t follow a man blindly, but rather be free and independent. I was insecure and did not believe in myself” she told me and continued. “It doesn’t necessarily turn out great when you lean on others. You have to love yourself, and then you can do it!”  After she was came back to the present we talked about the entire experience. “I must be insane, Woodstock – it must be imagination and not regression” she said in disbelief.

I, on the other hand, was very sure that she had been there and very sure that the messages were good. To trust in herself, be who she is. She had to understand she was a great person.

“You can do it” is the best way to put it.


What is regression?

I recently posted about my first regression with a woman which prompted a lot of people to ask me what regression and regression therapy is, so I decided that I would explain this it a bit more in today’s post.

In short, regression is working with past lives through meditation, or hypnosis. It means to go back and refers to going back in time to past lives or between past lives.
Regression therapy can be used to work with past lives trauma, feelings and patterns. As a soul you carry past experiences with you in to this life. When you work with regression, you go back to the things you need to let go of in order to be free from the limitation they might impose. You can also just satisfy your curiosity about what kind of life you had, and what you did.
Sometimes regression can give you a better understanding of your passions of this life, e.g. if you were a daughter of a farmer in a previous life then you might find yourself more at peace out in the nature or enjoy physical labor.

I have always known that I had previous lives before this life. For many years I thought that I was the only one with these experiences and therefor I did not talk about it but some years ago I saw a little boy talking to his father. All of the sudden I saw his face turn into that of an old man and I couldn’t believe what I saw.
As I listened to their conversation it became clear that it was a former incarnation that came through. The boy said “you are not the boss of me, and I am wiser than you” to his father and as he did he turned into this old man and acted like he was the father. Then his face turned into 5 years old boy that he was and said “I will just go and ride around on my bike ” and then he was off.
I went over to ask his father if he also thought that his son spoke like an old man. Surprisingly he told me that his son would sometimes say things like son to him.
I told the father that he was in fact his father in a previous life, so sometimes he acted as if he still was.
When he is connected to this old incarnation his face transforms into the old man, and when he is his current incarnation his face returns to being a child’s face.

My series with this woman is going to run for three months and my hope is for everyone to learn from her regressions thought my posts in my blog.
I love doing regressions because it gives people insight and helps them find peace in this life.


90 day regression-boost to stay on track

90 day regression-boost to stay on track


I spoke to a woman today who looked like she had been spinning around herself 14 times and was trying to find her way.

She was the only one who would expect it of herself. She had taken on a lot of projects in her business, most of which had been started by others, and was jumping from one idea to the next. She wouldn’t stay long in any project, before adopting the next idea.
I asked Spirit what I was supposed to tell her and they were very clear; She should find a plan for her business and stay with it, and she should not take on new projects or make new plans or ideas for 90 days.

I had already told her many times before to focus on things important to her business, and not the 50 other “ideas of the day.”
She looked almost petrified when I told her what Spirit had told me, still she knew I was right.

It is going to be a challenge for her to stay focused and on track for 90 days. She has made it a habit to jump from one project to project and then almost surely think she must be crazy to take on so much.

She is one of those women who feel lost if she does not have just a bit of chaos in her life, so it will be a challenge for her to stay on track.
She is going to have regression therapy in weekly sessions with me for the next 90 days. This is to help her with that challenge.

She has not had any regression therapy before and she can’t wait for it. I know that regression is a great tool, but also something that may turn your thoughts about yourself upside down.
Many people do not believe in past lives and their impact on their lives, but I have had some experiences with it, which turned everything around.
I am so happy when I get to help people who are in need of peace and smiles, and I can’t wait for this woman to try it!

I will keep you updated about her progres.

Would you use regression as a Tool to move forward?



17 things about me and what I do

17 tings about me and what I do

I get all sorts of questions about what I do and how I do it, so I made this list for those of you who wants to know more, based on many of these questions.

#1 – I see, hear, smell, feel, taste and in all ways communicate with the spirit world.

#2 – I have always talked to passed souls, I can´t remember a time without them.

#3 – Until four years ago I had no idea that I could heal people. I woke up one morning and thought I could heal, and it turned out that I could.

#4 – I often have conversations going with passed souls when I think no one is listening or looking.

#5 – I have only been scared of the spirits one time. I was watching TV and all off the sudden I felt the girl from the series (Sensing Murder New Zealand). A moment later, everything from the shelf above me fell down. I was taken by surprise and was a little scared because of it.

#6 – I have found lost people, the most amazing things for people and I have even found a horse.

#7 – I have done regression meditations, where I bring people back to release past lives. I absolutely love it.

#8 – I was only 5 when I told my grandmother that I wanted to change the world.

#9 – I have helped people in 11 different countries and loved every session.

#10 – I often jokingly tell people that I’m always right, and I get proof every day that I am right when I communicate what spirit wants me to tell the world.

#11 – I can do a session everywhere because it’s not important who I’m talking too, but my connection with spirit. I have even done sessions while driving.

#12 – I married the love of my life, and have a very special connection with him.

#13 – I made my own posters in order for people to remember themselves every day.

#14 – I love what I do and I always bring my heart in to my work.

#15 – I love my free SoulChats, which I have every month at Soulguide.com

#16 – I do not drink alcohol and haven’t since 1993. This is because I get even closer to spirit when I do, and there are so many things I do NOT say on a daily basis.

#17 – My friends have a hard time knowing if it is me or spirits that talk when I say something.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my gift. You are more than welcome to contact me by mail and we can talk about how I can help YOU reach YOUR goals.


Home away from home

Home Away From Home

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been able to leave my body when things got too difficult here on earth. I call it ‘going home’. When I go there, I am healed, energized and safe. It is a place where I am enclosed by love, light and caring souls. Time is not a factor, so there is no need to overthink things.

I was around ten when I discovered that I could do somersaults in the air. Pure flying! I have never in my gravity-bound earth body had the same feeling of freedom.

As I write this, my eyes are welling up. Not from sadness, but from the memory of pure joy when coming ‘home’.

I can feel the other world moving closer, embracing me. All worries about time, money and people disappear, because all I can feel is the other world. I wish I could share the love for other people, that one inevitably feels when home. It is a very special feeling.

At some point I start feeling that something is forcing me back into my body, and it is difficult to leave something so wonderful, but they tell me that it isn’t my time to stay yet.

Home away from home