A dead Samaritan is no Samaritan.

A dead Samaritan is no Samaritan.


I love this expression because it sums up everything. After talking to a lot of people, both as a spiritual guide but and as a human, I found that people have a hard time taking care of themselves.
It is just the same on a flight. The safety instructions always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others with theirs. Some find it almost stupid that they should save themselves before others, when in fact it is the smartest.

How are you going to help others if you have died from lack of oxygen?

Just like in every other aspect of your life, you need to help and take care of yourself before you can help others. If you do not spend time on feeling better, relaxing and being compassionate towards yourself, how are you going to help others?

How will you help others if you are sick from stress, exhaustion or even dead from not taking care of yourself? We can all neglect ourselves for a short time, but not in the long run at all.

I often say that a dead Samaritan is no Samaritan because it is true. Too many have great excuses as to why they don’t need to take care of themselves and how it just cannot be done. I can assure you it can be done, it is a matter of priorities.

It might not be 10 days of spa in a resort, but it could be small things every day. It could be 10 minutes of meditation a day or 5 minutes longer in the shower.
It could be simple things, and still taking care of you.

How are you taking care of you?

How are you making sure that you are the best you so you can help others?

Words from Spirit

Words from Spirit

If you focus on what you don’t know, you will end up sad and miserable. We want you to put all your energy into positive things. We want you to ask yourself what and how you can move on and learn more, to know more.

How can you learn from this experience and how can it help you grow?

If you focus on what is hard, sad and personal it will have control over you. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore all hardship in your life, but rather that you shouldn’t dwell on it. You should look at it as something you can learn from and grow stronger from.

We know sometimes you need help to move on but then you should seek the help, and learn how this can make you grow.

We come to you with love and understanding. We will not leave you, but stay at your side through great times and other times.

Words from spirit

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When I speak past souls join in

When I speak past souls join in


In another of my talks, this one about my life past and present and how it feels to be a medium.

I love telling people about my view on the universe and about the challenges I have faced in life which have all prepared me to be the person that I am today. I talked about being a child with dead people around me and about growing up feeling strange and lonely, my work now and how my life has become.

I also talked about living with knowing almost anything, explaining how it feels to be able to tell people just about anything and what is going to happen.

I talked about quantum physics and how time, linear existence, is something we have only in this world and that it does not exist in the spirit world.

I often talk about how you need to remember to be grateful and I am so grateful for everything I have and get in life. These talks I do are great because people get to ask questions and I get to tell them about my life and my work, which I love so much because I get to help people every day. I know when I wake up that I make a difference in someone’s life.

I know that it is not always easy to be grateful, but it’s important nonetheless.

During this talk I got some really good questions, like how I communicate with Spirit. I love that question because often when people have only watched TV, they think that you either have to see or hear dead people. I can see them, hear them, feel them, taste them, smell them and whatever else Spirit think is necessary to let me know what I need to know. Sometimes when they want me to know a smell that is unique or easily identifiable to someone, then I can actually smell that smell. The same is the case with taste.

Another question I got was about mental illness which I think is really important question, and something that needs to be talked about; Where to draw the line between mental illness and psychic abilities. I will be writing a post on this topic soon.


SoulChat gratitude

Soulguide gratitude


I had a great SoulChat last Thursday. I love my SoulChats because they give me the opportunity to answer questions from all kinds of people and they are free. I have SoulChat sessions twice a month; One in Danish and one in English.

But last Thursday almost didn’t happen, as for 18 hours prior to the planned start, the server on which my domain is being hosted went down and up for hours and hours and was really unstable. Even now there are issues. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not happy when something like this happens. In situations like this I want to be able to do something, but in this case I couldn’t. It was my host that had to do something, and I was stressing because as I mentioned above I love my SoulChats and it seemed impossible to have that session.

But almost like a miracle, half an hour before the SoulChat was planned, the server was stable all of a sudden. It seemed like the server was holding together and I was able to start the SoulChat session on schedule. There were questions about jobs, love, passed souls, children and even a question about when an apartment would show up in someone’s life. For over an hour I answered questions and there were no problems with the site.

After the SoulChat ended, within 20 minutes, the server went down again and back to being unstable. I looked at my husband and said “is it just me or did the server just hold while I was doing my chat?” and he smiles and said that it looked like it.

It might have been a coincidence but it sure was a curious timing. Whatever the case, I made sure to thank Spirit for keeping an eye on me, because even though I don’t know if it was them, I’m pretty sure that it was.

These are the little things I see and experience every day. Have you tried something like that?


Spiritual readings – entertainment or soulguiding?

Spiritual readings – entertainment or soulguiding?


I enjoy all the questions I get, and people have a lot of questions. I spoke with two women in a restaurant the other day, who were amazed by the field I work in, and the women were an absolute joy to speak with. But even so, they, as so many others, were asking “can you say something about us while standing here?”

If you know me or have followed my blog for some time, you might know that I am not a fan of platform sessions or other forms of public displays, because I don’t consider my gift being entertainment.

I have received many requests to do platform sessions, but I always decided not to do it because I think the concept platform session, is making talking with Spirit something it is not. I choose to use my ability to communicate with Spirit to help people, to guide people and to connect people, not to entertain. I know others perform platform sessions, and good for them, but not me.

I have also gotten requests to attend bachelorette parties and ladies’ nights, and for these types of events I am very clear on certain rules. One is no alcohol before or during my sessions and probably the most important rule is that everyone has the right to say no. But even before I go to these events, I ask Spirit if I should go at all. Spirit will paint a picture for me about the people who will be there and also a clear yes or no on whether I should go or not.

The reason for all these precautions is that during a session with me, you will get personal and sensitive messages from Spirit, messages from loved ones that has passed that will touch your heart. That alone, to me, is reason enough not to do what I do as entertainment.

If I wanted to, I could have told these women everything that Spirit had to say right there in the restaurant, but it would be unethical. It all comes down to respect; Respect for the person you are talking to.

I absolutely love what I do and feel blessed every day that I am able to do it. I think it is fantastic to be able to help and guide people and give something to them which makes a difference.


Free SoulChat today

FREE SoulChat today

Today I want to tell you about my SoulChat, which I will be having later today. And everyone can participate and it’s FREE!

SoulChat is based on the idea that we all need guidance now and again, and often prefer to have that advice from someone who is not close to us, someone seeing the problem from the “outside” and without bias, someone who can see the big picture and give us the answer we need, not the one we think we want; someone like Spirit. That is why I started SoulChat. I wanted everyone to have that possibility, to ask those questions that others cannot answer in the safety of complete anonymity.

SoulChat’s are quite simple. You ask a question and I will answer them with the help from Spirit. Common questions are e.g. “will I have a man in my life?”, “should I get a new job?” or “can you tell me if my loved one, who has passed, is here with me?”

My wish with SoulChat is that you well get the answer you need, that makes sense to you now or later and which will bring you tranquility and love to your life.

I hope to see you at 9 p.m. CET and  3 PM EST, right here on Soulguide.com. Bring all your friends too!

The chat will appear on the blog at the given time.

Free soulchat today
FREE SoulChat – This is how it looks.


Is your life based in love?

Is your life based in love?


I came across a quote on Instagram that got me thinking. I’ll share it with you:

‘As you breathe in right now, someone else breathes for the last time. Stop complaining and learn to live your life the way you want it.’

I instinctively get this quote. How about you? Way too many people forget their blessings and forget the fact that they themselves are the creators of their own lives. Everybody has a path to greatness or some version of it, but lots of people lack the patience and opt for quick fixes as lottery tickets and such.

Unfortunately it is very common for people to long for material things and feel deprived when they are out of reach. Focusing on what you don’t have instead of enjoying what they do have.

In communicating with Spirit I have learned that the base of everything worthwhile is love. The love you feel for yourself and the love you give to others. I often tell people that owning lots of things will not make them happy if they don’t have love in their lives. It doesn’t necessarily mean being in a relationship, but to interact with love in relations with other people.

Does this mean that we should forsake all things material? The flat screens, the beautiful curves of a car, art, or wellnes? – of course not! 🙂 It only means that you should try to base everything you do in love. Invite your heart to sit in at the board meetings or parent teacher conferences or whatever interactions your daily life holds.

No one life has more value than others – all lives are based in love, says Spirit. When I listen to what spirit ways and teaches I happy deep within my soul.


Home away from home

Home Away From Home

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been able to leave my body when things got too difficult here on earth. I call it ‘going home’. When I go there, I am healed, energized and safe. It is a place where I am enclosed by love, light and caring souls. Time is not a factor, so there is no need to overthink things.

I was around ten when I discovered that I could do somersaults in the air. Pure flying! I have never in my gravity-bound earth body had the same feeling of freedom.

As I write this, my eyes are welling up. Not from sadness, but from the memory of pure joy when coming ‘home’.

I can feel the other world moving closer, embracing me. All worries about time, money and people disappear, because all I can feel is the other world. I wish I could share the love for other people, that one inevitably feels when home. It is a very special feeling.

At some point I start feeling that something is forcing me back into my body, and it is difficult to leave something so wonderful, but they tell me that it isn’t my time to stay yet.

Home away from home


Choosing the right guide

Choosing the right guide

I have done a lot of thinking lately. I recently spoke with a woman who in her joy of having received guidance from me, suggested that everybody should come see me. I thanked her warmly, even though I don’t agree with her.

Spiritual guidance is not one size fits all. I know that I generally meet the people that I am supposed to meet, but having said that, not everybody will benefit from a session with me. Spiritual guidance is as much about chemistry as everything else, and the person you take guidance from, has to feel right.

Your ability to learn is much greater when you receive guidance from a soul that is older than your own. A younger soul will have a hard time understanding where you are, where you come from. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you choose wisely.

Very often I am able to help people, but it happens that I choose not to tell them the guidance I receive, as it can be important for some people to learn something on their own first.

I have met several clairvoyants or mediums who claim that they can help everybody, and I find that very arrogant.

So, if you are in a situation where you would like to seek out a spiritual guide, make sure that you ‘click’ with the person you are about to take advice from.

Choosing the right guide