Passed Soul looking out for his mother

Passed Soul looking out for his mother

Passed Soul looking out for his mother


This is my first blogpost in some time. I have been putting off writing a post, and all of the sudden, summer had passed. I have been writing my book and taking care of my Danish membership site all summer. I realized during summer that I need to do more. I need to write more blogposts and I need a membership site in English too.

One of the things I love in my life is to see people find their true path. It is amazing, to give another soul the chance to grow and be authentic.
That is what I love and I need to write about it again.


My book is almost done and will hopefully be out this fall. I cannot wait to reveal it to you.
During summer, I have been blessed with people who have been in need of my help, and my insight. I will tell you much more about it during the next posts.
I have been blessed with some great moments during summer. I have seen dead people, heard them, smelled them, felt them and even tasted them. I have heard some fantastic things and some sad things.

I love my work with the universe, and I will continue my work.

I did a talk at a summer camp, and it was so much fun. One lady, whom I have known for years now, was there. Her son passed some years ago, just six years old. He was driven down by a truck. He is one of the sweetest, most amazing souls that I have had coming on a regular basis. Every time his mother is there, so is he. Standing just besides me, telling me jokes and things she needs to hear.
During this talk, he was there and just letting me know that he loved her still. He told me to tell her he was not leaving. She did not cry, but she got emotional when I later told her he was there.

He talked about her laundry, her car and other things around the house. I just wanted her to know that it was ok and that he followed her everyday life. They have a very special connection and he is still here to take care of her.
I only see her once a year, but every time he is right there. The most beautiful soul, still looking out for his mother. In some ways he is just six years old, and on the other hand he is a soul, connected to the universe and so insightful.

How was your summer?

Did you get the summer you wanted and needed?

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How I made a believer out of a skeptic

How I made a believer out of a skeptic

I have been quiet for some time now. I have not had the feel for writing. I want to write something that means something to me when I actually write.
I have been busy with all sorts of things, because I am changing my websites and making changes all over the place.
I have decided to write a book, and that takes up time too.
Under all these plans and new things, is an urge to speak publicly. I want to do more and I want to spread positive words.

I have been talking to spirits all my life. I have been guiding people for as long as I can remember. It has been passing on messages, and healing people even before I was aware of it.

This month has been one of teaching. I have been guiding and teaching people who needed to find the right direction. My views on so many things have changed, into a path of talking more about love and compassion.

In this world where it seems that darkness and horrid things are all over the place, I see lights of hope, compassion and love. I see people of light getting up and saying enough is enough. I know that the basis for everything is love and that love will be eternal. Some people have just lost their direction, and lost the love they had.

Every year I write down what I think is going to happen in the following year. I do not share my thoughts except with a very limited group of friends. It has been like this for years. I have been right about almost everything I have been saying, with only one or two little tweaks. I know that to some people, these predictions can be scary and they want to see them.

I know that the darkness that we see right now has been a long time coming, and that love will succeed.

I have been blessed to be the guide of someone, someone who is a master of working with energy. It is absolutely amazing to see how he works with energy and to understand what he really is capable of. I have been guiding him towards being at peace with his inner self, because his abilities with energy is not enough to be at peace, just like psychic abilities do not equal peace of mind.

The woman

I have been healing a lot lately, because so many people need help. A woman who has been very set in her mind, that what I do is silly, has been getting healing.

She came to me one day, after 3 years with a wrist in a brace. She felt so much pain and nothing worked. She told me quietly that she might want to try that healing thing I was always talking about.

I agreed, and I started healing her 5 minutes every morning. I just laid my hands on her wrist and let the energy move itself. She was in tears every time for the first week. It hurt like I was rearranging everything in her entire arm. I told her that it had to be moved around in her wrist for it to work. I was very patient. After a week, she started being pain free.
After two weeks, she was pain free half the days. After three weeks, she was almost entirely pain free.
I have been healing her 5 morning a week for a month now. I told her she needed an operation, because she does have a bone defect in her wrist, but she is pain free for most of the week and she has returned to normal use of her hand.
I am absolutely over the moon with joy. I have been able to give her the peace and pain free moment she was missing so badly. She was unable to work properly and unable to find any peace because of the pain.
My days the last month have been filled with moments of divine healing. She is a believer now. All her thoughts on how silly my work might sound are gone. She keeps on saying she is a believer.

I love my work, and love that you have been reading my words.

Thank you!

Are you fighting against evil or for good?

Are you fighting against evil or for good?

I saw a sign today: ”pro black is not anti-white”.
I loved it! It made me think. Just because you are pro something does not mean you are automatically against the opposite at all. It means you are for something and that you want something to get stronger. It has absolutely nothing to do with making something else go away.
I understand why someone would think this since it has been a black and white fight for years. Today’s feminism is not about erasing men, but empowering women.
I think it is sad that you need the fights between colors, faith and gender, when it has nothing do to with erasing others. It is all about coexistence.

In a world that is so aggressive and counting on extrovert abilities, it is important to remember that just because you are an introvert it does not mean you cannot be extrovert at times. Opposite, just because you are an extrovert it does not mean you cannot be introvert at times.
We need a balance of black and white, yin and yang, to be able to just be.
There has to be balance for us to breathe and not feel like we are off.

Too many people fight a fight for their cause and I love it, but often they are fighting against something and not FOR something else.
In a world of so many negative things it is important to remember to stay focused on the positive things. It will bring you nothing but negativity to fight for a negative thing. At times, it is a fight for evil. I see so many people fight against gays, abortion and other things. They fight it with the words as if it destroys their own ways of living.

I cannot in a million years see how two gays living together would destroy another person’s marriage I cannot see how abortion is any of other people’s business. I cannot see how someone can fight homelessness, but I can see how you would fight for people to get off the streets.
It is all about focus. Focus on educating people and teaching them how not tot get pregnant, that would be better than to shame them, and make them feel even worse.
Just like the fact that the fight for women’s rights is not a fight against men.

Not too long ago I saw a man who was about to be thrown in jail because he had painted his house blue, and not the same color tone as everyone else. It was in the plans for the area that you could old use one kind of color. Still I think it is absurd that anyone would be thrown in jail for this. However, you should follow the rules. If you don’t like the rules, get them changed.
I want to tell you all to change your perspective and fight for the good in the world and not fight against something you think is bad. I want you to tell me what you want to fight FOR?

What is your cause? What is your positive?

Does your letters makes a difference?

Does your letters makes a difference?

Have you sent a letter lately, a paper kind of letter?

I have! I go out of my way to send cards and letters. Handwritten letters and cards.
There is something magical about someone taking the time to write and send a letter. In this world of busy people who forget to stop, a letter is a kind of love, a kind of compassion and thoughtfulness.

The cards I write these days are very special.

I have a grandmother who is getting old. She does not remember very well and our conversations are very uniform, because she cannot remember what she just told me.I write her letters and cards. A card with words from me; I live far away from her, and she’s got a hard time remembering our conversations. I choose to write to her instead. I even bought a pen and ink just to do something special.

I don’t write a lot of things in the cards. A little something about my days, what I do, how we are and thoughts about how I think she is.
I know I won’t get an answer, I know. I still write her. It does make a difference to her, I feel that in our conversations, even though she forgets it all the time.
I know she is disappearing into dementia, and my hope is that when she sees the cards she will know she is not forgotten or lost to us.

There is something magical about letters.

I spent some time writing spring letters, fall letters, Christmas letters. I know so many people say they don’t have the time and it‘s absurd.
It is a lot of time I spend on it. I chose to spend hours making others happy. It makes a big difference when a card comes and you know someone has been thinking about you.
That is a way of thinking about others, caring for and loving others.
In this busy world, far too few people write letters.
It might just be one or two hours of your life, but it makes a difference for the recipient.
I know that not all have the energy to write, paint and be creative. It is not necessary. Sometimes all you got to do is write words on a card or paper. “I did not forget you”.

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?

You have an important choice to make!

You have a choice.

It is a simple choice that can be hard on some people.  You can choose from so many things; be kind or be unkind, be loving or unloving, forgiving or unforgiving; it is a choice every day.
When I wake up every morning, I make a choice to be loving, open and to listen.
I met a woman the other day who said she had chosen to be mad, closed off and unhappy that day. I know her; she is a mother at my daughter’s school, and she was tired beyond belief. It was absolutely amazing that she was even standing.

I know why she made that choice and I know that it was her only choice that day when she was lacking so much sleep. Sometimes you cannot make those choices when you are that tired. Then you need to just be human.

Another woman was happy and that too was a choice.

I think too many people forget that they actually have a choice every morning. To some it just is what it is. That way, if they are angry getting out of bed or they are happy, that is what they are. They don’t fight it, it just is what it is.
I think a choice should be made every morning to find yourself and the core person you want to be. That way, whenever your day changes into something else, you can get back to your choice of emotion and stick with it. That way you are much more true to who you want to be and how you want to be.

I talked to a lady who had the worst day in a long time. I asked her to make the choice of feelings the next day. When I saw her some days later, she was happy and smiling. I asked her what changed. She said that she decided to be loving and kind. When her day went south, she took three deep breaths and went back to her choice. She decided that she was loving and kind, so other things would have to reflect it. It was so hard the first time, and the second time, but after a while she felt like she was in control.
Some days it is going to be almost impossible to stay with your choice, but it is worth a try. You owe it to yourself to be the best you.

Are you going to try?


What makes a person impressive?

What makes a person impressive?

Impressive people are always rich. This was the statement of someone I met not too long ago. I had to really restrain myself from laughing. It made no sense at all. It made the person seem superficial and one-dimensional.
Let us run with her thought that people who are impressive are rich. We have to start with the impressive part. What makes someone impressive? Is it their way of making money, their way of accumulating things? What makes someone impressive?

I asked a whole bunch of people and the answers were mixed. Some thought that it was only materialistic things that made someone impressive. They had their focus on money, job and prestige. Another part of the people I asked had a totally different outlook on things. They talked about authenticity, compassion, courage, presence and inner strength.

It was such an eye opener to see how clearly, they separated into two groups of opinions.
Most of the people who were set on money and job were also people who talked about stress, being burned out, never looking back and had a lot to say about their ego. They were very focused on their ego and how they looked in someone else’s eyes.

I found it sad that they did not value core principles like compassion, authenticity and love.

They even said:

“You have to be an ass with a huge ego to be impressive, in everything and business.”

“Building a business from the ground up is impressive.”

“Having enough money to not be bothered by others.”

I found that very disturbing, but the person who said it said it like he was ordering a salad. Like being nasty was just a part of living.

In the other group of answers were people who said loads of things about inner values. Not one of them had money in their answers.
I found it so interesting that some of those were business owners and not in a mindset of being “an ass”. They had a strong belief that business had nothing to do with being nasty, but more about being a great person.

Some of the answers were:

“Helping someone is impressive, and those who face their inner demons for them to move forward.”

“It is so individual – it depends on where you are and what you have been through. Very personal.”

“True compassion, and empathy.”

“People who treat others with respect and dignity simply because we are all human.”

I loved these answers because it gave me a window into how they see the world, and why some are in a state of constant change and others are not.

What makes a person impressive to you?

Would you say this?

Would you say this?

I received a weird message from a friend today. I think I wanted to write about it because this is one of the big misunderstandings about my work and personality.
A friend of mine had been told by her friend that she would be in a great where she is supposed to be, once she started to have her own opinions and stopped listening to me all the time.

At first I thought she must have gotten it wrong because that is not the kind of friendship I have with her, but then I realized that she was, in fact, saying that my friend could only be ok if she did not speak to me.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I get very sad at other people’s misconceptions about my life. This was such a time.

I am not a psychic all the time. I am, in fact, also a person with feelings, thoughts and emotions. Even though some people cannot separate from their work, I am very good at it. I have had to learn how to separate when it is just me talking and when it is spirits talking.

If you call a friend would you not ask an opinion from her/him? Would you not want them to tell you what they think about the situation you tell them about? Would you not want support and love when talking to them?

Why do people think that because I am psychic I am incapable of doing this without asking spirits first? People often think that because I am a psychic medium I surely am not just a friend that cares for others. I have heard many ask me “so is it you or a spirit who says this?”. They think I cannot be a person with my own life without it being psychic all the time.

My friend is very sad and hurt by this remark, and I do understand. My thoughts are of love and care for her.

Am I sometimes psychic when I am with her, sure! When she asks, and this is not at all often, then I answer.
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Do you need money?

Do you need money?

I have just had a session with a woman who wanted to know so many things at once.
One of the things she was very concerned about was the economy of her business. She wanted to know if the clients would come in at a faster pace, and if there would be enough profit for her to get a decent pay. She talked a lot about how she worried.

I listened very carefully and as I was about to say something, I heard spirit tell me to appreciate more. I was puzzled but then I understood. It was not at all about worrying, it was about the wording and visualization. She kept on saying there were worries, not enough money and how she needed to get income.
I told her she needed to let go of her “not enough money” mentality. She had to see for herself the success she was seeking. She had to change her language. Instead of going on about the things she did not have, she had to turn it upside down.
She had to say when and not if. She had to turn her thoughts into a visual of her future. She had to talk as if she was on the right path, and not focus on all the things that did not work.

I know you sometimes must talk about the lack of funds, but your language can still be focused on what you can do about it and not all about what is wrong.
It is not that simple to change your mindset, but it is the only way forward. You cannot attract what you cannot see. See it for your inner eye at all hours of the day and success will be much more likely than not.
Spirits wants to help you but you must show them what you want. That is both in language and thought.

Ask for the things you want.

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I got less scary

I got less scary

I went to a social gathering the other day. This was with 4 women I did not know, and one I did know. They are all bloggers like me and I was hoping they had read some of my blog, just so they knew what I was doing.

They had not, really. One sitting next to me was very skeptical and kept on saying that it scared her a lot. I told her what I do and how I work. Another one asked great questions because she was curious to know what I did and what I was capable of doing. I loved their different view of my work.

After hours of eating, talking, laughing and having a great time the one besides me, got less scared. I got to heal her back, by putting my hands on it. Dead people had been talking to me all night long, asking me to heal her. They had so many words for her, and I had to tread carefully.
I loved that I got to heal her, and that she got bolder as the night went on. They all had great questions and even though I had passed souls talking to and about each and every one, I managed to not get personal for the most part.

I have had so many times in my life where I have to not say what I am told, because it is not the time nor the place. My girlfriends always joke that I am great at making people cry. Not cry in a bad way but because it is emotional things that are passed on from the other world.

I once had a psychic tell me that it was my own fault because I was simply bad at closing off that world when I did not need them.

I understand some have a need to close off, but I don’t really. I know I get nervous, but that is not only the other world. So even if I could close down and off, I would not do it. It is a choice I make.

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How does your car look?

How does your car look?


Picture yourself sitting in a car. Are you comfy sitting there? Look at the windshield, it is big, bright and sunlight is coming through.

Now look at your rearview mirror. It is small, but big enough to see what is behind you, but not big enough to block your sight of the things in front.

Now think about life. Are the things you see in front of you bigger than what is behind you? Have you got the proportions right? Some people have a huge rearview mirror and a small windshield. If you are looking towards your past all the time, you cannot see what great things are right in front of you.
I have talked to too many people who are looking back and not ahead all the time.

It makes me so sad. They miss out on their time in this body because they are stuck in whatever happened in the past. I know if, if any, how hard it can be to start looking at what is in ahead and not in the past. I have spent years looking back and not forward.It took some serious soul searching to move on, and I was finally able to, and what a relief. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


The past should be in perspective and not in everything you see. Of course you need to remember your past to not make the same mistakes, but that is not the same to have it follow you like a rainy cloud over your head.

When I talk to people who live in the past I often tell them to let go of the things that have happened which they cannot change. You cannot change the past, no matter how great it would be to try and succeed.

Live in a life where your windshield is big, your rearview mirror is small and you love being in your car.

How does your car look? 

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